If I am being honest. At the time that I am writing this, I am sitting in a class that I really should be paying attention to. Whoops. Don’t be like Cal.
This has been a very long week. After this week I have about five weeks of lectures to go before our long dreaded exams and then THAT’S IT. Gross. I would go into the details of how I am not looking forward to the assignments and tests that I have to complete before exams etc but I will leave that for another blog. If you read my last blog you would know that I went away in the holidays, far, far away. Europe! So at the moment I find that I haven’t quite caught up on sleep since returning home so my productivity this week has been nothing short of SHOCKING.

I was blessed to go on  a journey with my sister to Paris, Amsterdam and Berlin. What I needed most these holidays was a true getaway, I needed a complete separation from Uni life, from future thoughts and worries. I think I mostly got that. I found that I filled my time day in and day out with so many activities that I wasn’t given the chance to think about things. That can be both good and bad. Something else I needed was rest, and it wasn’t until about half way through my holiday that my sister and I felt a true sense of rest, but most importantly I got it. I can’t really complain either because I could have just as easily been stuck here doing the numerous assignments that have been placed upon me to complete in the coming weeks before exams and yet I was able to ignore every one, well mostly… I call that a successful holiday.

In my last blog I noticed that some kind stranger commented “keep faith”. Turns out my anonymous commentator is closer to home than I think though their identity has not yet been revealed to me. To be completely honest their comment shook me. I wasn’t paying too much attention to my blog, I use it as a form of recording my year in the hopes that maybe someone will get something out of it. I never expected it to be as big of a thing as it has become. All I want to say to that person and the many who I know that are following/supporting my through this journey whether I know it or not, thank you. It’s the little things like this that remind me that I am doing ok, heck I know I’m doing as well as I possibly can. I may not be the star student but I am definitely trying.

This second half of the semester has been nothing but insanely busy thus far so to all my fellow comrades, just keep swimming. We got this!

Until next time,

Hakuna Matata.