What’s worse than the knowledge that mid-semester tests are in a week?

Knowing that you can’t take them because you’re STUCK in the HOSPITAL.

Don’t worry guys, it’s not me whose being forced to don a flimsy gown and remain bedridden, but my lovely friend. She’s got an unfortunate kidney infection and me, being the dutiful best friend, have not left her side.

Granted, being stuck in a hospital room while she’s fast asleep leaves little for me to do though. What can I, with only my laptop at hand, do to keep myself busy?

Why, craft up a blog post, of course!

What about?

Well duh, what to do if you have to go to the hospital! (Yes, I am taking advantage of my friend’s situation — this is quality content).

If you’re living in first year accommodations, make sure to let your RA or your Residential Manager know if you’re going to the hospital. You are THEIR responsibility so don’t just disappear on them!

Understandably, if you’re being wheeled away in an ambulance, the last thing on your mind will be calling up your RA. But, once you’ve settled down in your hospital bed and everything’s okay, just flick them an email real quick; they want to know how you’re doing and if you need anything. Be sure to mention in that email any preparations you would need them to make for when you arrive back to the Halls; for example, dietary restrictions.

Also, keep in mind that the University offers aegrotat and compassionate consideration. Both are applications that you can fill out if you feel as though your personal circumstances will affect your test performance negatively.

My friend had to fill out aegrotat for three of her papers, since she’s been stuck in the hospital for the past three days (Compassionate consideration is for if you’ve been affected by a bereavement). The applications cost $30 per class and each case is considered individually.

Remember that aegrotat is only applicable for tests and, if you want an extension for any assignments, you will need to talk to your course coordinators separately for that.

Lastly, take it easy. I’m not saying don’t give it your all in University, but don’t forget to relax every now and then and focus on yourself. Don’t become so involved with all your other responsibilities that you forget to pay attention to your body and ensuring it gets what it needs to stay in its best shape.

Celebrating her being released!

I’m not just talking about physically though; mental health is equally important. Every now and then, take a step back from the hustle of everyday life and check up on yourself.

Make yourself your number one priority.

“Good health is the most important thing. More than success. More than money. More than power.” – Lee Strasberg