After finishing my final Law exam for the year I am stuffed, hence the title and anyone who sat that exam will resonate with it so heavily. I still have three exams to go so the grind has not come to an end just yet but the light at the end of the tunnel is in sight. I am starting to think that the Uni has it out for me. In finding out my exam timetable I found that they have conveniently placed one of my exams on my birthday… Cal was not a happy chappy. So this week as I celebrate another year of life, catch me writing three essays in two hours. Loving life. On a brighter note after that exam is done then I only have one more left! So it will be relieving to get that out of the way as I will be on the home stretch for sure.

I wanted to sit in the sun so I create a nook.

It’s reaching an awkward stage at the halls as everyone is finishing exams at different times, some people are freaking out about the next two weeks of exams whereas I have a lot of friends who finish in a couple of days. I think what is worse is the fact that we are all moving out at different times. Although there are the loyal few who are staying to the end like yours truly, a lot of people┬áleave earlier than that. It’s going to be really hard saying goodbye to my friends when I still have exams left and wishing I could spend more time with them before we parted ways. I know that the summer will (hopefully) breeze past and we’ll be able to do it all again next year. After completing the first year of uni I completely understand leaving ASAP, I am definitely looking forward to getting away from it all and just breathing again.


I started packing… I was so set on not starting until I had finished my exams but my friends started and so the seed was planted and I had to act. I had no means of stopping myself. So there is a nicely packed suitcase holding a fair amount of my stuff at the end and my room already looks a lot emptier than normal. If you were to look around my room, one thing that you will automatically notice is that I have A LOT of photos. Now I’m not usually one to print photos but this year I scored a deal where I get 50 free photos every month for a year so for the last few months I have been printing a lot of photos. My room is absolutely decked out with photos and they are the things that I refuse to even think about taking down until the rest of my room is packed. I feel like once the photos start to come down then the room no longer becomes mine. It’s just the plain room that mirrors all the other 440 odd rooms in Uni Hall. The essence of the room being mine would have been lost and it will truly feel like the end for me. I’m thinking it will be a job for the night before I leave or something. Definitely not anytime soon.

To get an idea of the change that has occurred in my room over the year here are (mostly) some before and after shots of my room ­čśŤ

The year is quickly coming to an end but to all those who still have exams I wish you all the best, don’t worry I am suffering with you for another week or so, so I feel your pain but we can get through this!

Until next time,

Hakuna Matata.