This last week I finish up my exams, sort out all the stuff I need for next year (which was way more stressful than I anticipated), and start packing to head back home (across a bunch of seas to that obscure country in Southeast Asia). But before that, SURPRISE ROAD TRIP! 😀

The next chapter of my life starts with a hectic internship I’ve managed to snag for my practical hours. As you may know one of the requirements to completing Engineering at Auckland is 800 hours of practical work related to your specialisation – usually done in Part II and Part III, but you can start in Part I (or even before). For some specialisations this is really easy to get done, but others are a bit more challenging. Fortunately, you can apply for research positions right here at the university.

Blogging this year has been a really rewarding experience as I got to meet new people (not something I’m inclined to seek often). I’ve learnt a lot that I didn’t before (surprise, that’s what you do at university) and got to write about my life to an audience of unknown size (it might still just be my mom who reads my posts, who knows). I definitely recommend applying to become a blogger next year!

Living in the halls of residence has also been amazing. Not having to worry about food, living so close to uni… what’s not to love? There are also heaps of events organized by the awesome RA’s… I’ll miss this place for sure.

I’d like to thank everyone who has stuck with the blog thus far… you rock! Thanks to Simon for overseeing the blog and being there for us. Also thanks to all the people who took the time to speak to me about their Engineering specialisations… I know I didn’t get to cover Biomedical Engineering, they’re a mysterious bunch that I still don’t quite understand. Also they’re the smallest specialisation so their GPA requirement is ridiculously high.

If you still have exams, I wish you all the best. Don’t stress yourself out too much and try to remember that things will probably turn out perfectly fine. Like I just got back one of my exam results as I was typing this and was one mark off an A+ and first I was like “aww” but then it’s really. Just. Fine. Anyway, I hope to see you all next year. Signing off~