I’m a big advocate for taking part in extracurriculars and branching out from the humdrum that is Uni-life. Going to town every weekend and lectures every weekday can get so tiresome, once you’ve fallen into a routine that only consists of these two.

So, here’s my plea: Clubs host a lot of events that you should definitely take advantage of! There’s a wide array of events held throughout the year that cater towards different interests.

What I want y’all to keep in mind though is if you have the opportunity to, go to a networking event.

Auckland University Psychology Student Association recently hosted one: Criss Cross.

Members of the Academic Staff from the School of Psychology were personally invited to partake in the event. The event gave psychology students the opportunity to converse with their Professors, outside of the formal environment that a lecture hall usually entails. We could ask about anything; why did they choose Psychology, what can I do with this degree, what do I have to do to get into post-grad, etc.


Me, networking away! 🙂


Don’t worry if you’re the shy-type either. There’s usually a drink available to help loosen your tongue.

GO; even if you have nothing to say/ask. Just go for the experience; learning how to socialize is a skill that you will always need so it doesn’t hurt to work on it.

AUPSA Exec Team 2k17!

If nothing else convinces you, here’s a last ditch effort: The canapés are delicious!