Lately, I’ve been reminiscing a lot about home and the people I’ve left behind. One memory in particular that I seem to keep going back to is when my mom took my sister and I to New York City to watch Aladdin on Broadway. It’s my favorite Disney movie, you see. When I was younger, I loved the movie because I felt I could identify with Jasmine, because she was brown. But, older-me identifies with her for a much different reason.

That scene at the end of the movie, where Jasmine is trapped in an hourglass by Jafar, keeps replaying in my head (Yes, I am over-analyzing a Disney movie, bear with me).

I wonder how Jasmine must’ve felt. To see the seconds literally pass around her and be able to do nothing but stare in horror. To literally be suffocated by time running out.

Same, Jasmine, same.

Finals are two weeks away and I’m overwhelmed by the thought that I’m wasting time, that I’m not working hard enough, and that I’m simply not ready. Basically, every night has been spent at Kate Edgar, revising and re-revising.  Of course, this is an irrational way of thinking. I’ve been studying for weeks; I know my stuff.

Everyone gets to feeling like this sometimes though; you can’t help it. “Stressed” is the default setting for anyone whose in University. I don’t think that feeling ever really goes away. But, I’m here to remind you that this isn’t forever. You probably already know this but hearing it again never hurt anyone.

You need to remember that undergraduate only encompasses 3-4 years of your entire lives. Ideally speaking, that’s only about 5%. When you think of it like that, it seems ridiculous to stress about such a short period in your life.

Remember to put things into perspective for yourself. Things aren’t as serious as they seem if you just take a step back and analyze the situation calmly and rationally.

Also, try and have something to look forward to! Some people may not want to minimize the importance of University and if that’s the case, try instead to remind yourself why you’re working so hard. Conjuring up your motivation and keeping that in mind can make everything seem worth it.

For me, I think about my parents and how, once exams are over, I’ll be heading home to see them! I put in a lot of effort in University for them; to make them proud. I know it’s corny but I even keep a picture of them as my wallpaper so that I always have a reminder.

If nothing else, remind yourself that you’re doing all this for yourself. To make your future-self proud of you.

I hope you all can stay inspired during this time xx

“But oh, to be free. Such a thing would be greater than all the magic and all the treasures in the world.” – Genie