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Hey there! My name is Lily and I am so excited to be an Inside Word Blogger for 2018! I’m currently studying health science and staying in the beautiful UHA. My aim is to make you feel prepared about going to the University of Auckland (or Uni in general) but most importantly, unafraid and EXCITED!!


If your moving into a hall you’ll probably be moving in a week early, which can be really good since you’ll know people coming into lectures.

I think the best thing about moving a week early, is that you can feel settled in and know heaps of people. I’ve met heaps of people who share common interests (mainly getting into medicine lol), but also people who are genuinely interested in making a change to the world.

It’s important to note, that the people that you will meet in your first week will be future artists, scientists, innovators, engineers, doctors, CEO’S and who knows what else! But they’re probably also going through the exact same things as you are; homesickness, nervousness, and happiness!

I thought I might share some general top tips for the first week, for all you future Uni Students

  1. Don’t be shy! Be outgoing and be fearless! The first few weeks are pivotal, so make the most of meeting people and vibing with as many people as you can! Who knows? You’re future best friend (and even spouse) could be right there in the crowd!

In the crowd!!!!


2.  Attend the TOGA PARTY!!!! (do I need to say more 😉)

Toga party!


3. Get an AT Hop Card! It costs $10 to buy one, and needs a minimum $5 top up. It’s great to explore Auckland before Uni starts, not only so you can get all your forgotten essentials but also because probably…. you won’t get much of a chance if you’re doing a full-on course.

And for future Hall of Residence students ….

  1. Don’t forget your stuff! Moving up can be pricey, and nothings worse then forgetting something really important and needing to find it on queen street. I forgot quite a few things (fyi it was a clock, stationary, shampoo, towels, jandals), which meant climbing all those hills and spending all that moolah, on stuff that could’ve easily been brought up! However, I did find this little treasure…


2. Attend the events organised by the RA’s! This is a great way to bond with your floor, as well as just having some general fun! There’s heaps of fun events; Speed dating, Amazing Race, Dodge Ball, Mount Eden hike,Trip to Mission Bay, Uni Smart, Big Night In, Desert by the Sea, Beach Day, Quiz Night (to name a few).


UHA Welcoming BBQ (so good, that some towers ppl gatecrashed (ew))

The view from Mission Bay, taken by my friend Jackie 😍














Now for Health Science (and could be applicable to Science and Biomed Students)

  1. Shop around! Unfortunately I brought a lab coat ($35) and Safety Glasses ($12) from UBIQ-the University Bookshop. However they’re cheaper and better at the Student Resource Centre (located in the Science Building), where the lab coat was $25, and the safety glasses were $10. Unfortunately I couldn’t return my stuff at UBIQ, so just make sure you shop around before hand (if you’re the type of uni student who would go to that amount of effort to save $12….just to buy bubble tea).
  2. Keep up to date with Canvas! Chem 110’s course book was in hot demand this year, due to it being such a popular paper. Also, due to having trouble with the suppliers, there was only a partial order, so some people missed out! However most, if not all the information in the course book will be on canvas so you can read up and not be disadvantaged with not getting a course book, as a lot of people missed out.

The line….just to get the chem110 book

3. Attend the faculty Orientation! Yes, it is a bit boring and yes, it is compulsory. But it will get rid of DELNA as well as familiarising with the campus. FOR future HthSC peeps! Pls attend! Just so you can familiarise yourself with the Tamaki Campus and meet the rest of your cohort!



I’m super excited to keep you guys updated about uni-life! I’m thinking about maybe posting some stuff about the clubs on campus, so if theres any clubs your interested in, lemme know and I might include some info about it on the next blog! Untill then, remember, yr13 is supposed to be chill. So just keep calm and have fun!




p.s if you got that reference at the start, lemme know 😉