Oh hi there, Sophie here! Though I am originally from a place just south of London, I went to high school in the BEAUTIFUL little city of New Plymouth and am super excited to be studying a conjoint BGlobal/LLB at the University of Auckland this year. I’ll be staying at the mighty O’Rorke hall and the nearby business of Auckland city already has me excited to share my upcoming escapades with you all! I’m a lover of colour coding, stationery and herbal teas which will all be featured in my studying this year (hehe…) and in my spare time I may be heard playing the flute or spending time at the local Nando’s. 2017 left me promising to take up Zumba at uni, but as the world’s confirmed least sporty girl you’ll have to check up on me to make sure I’m staying motivated in this department! Regardless, Auckland looks to be a city of many new opportunities that I’m going to make the most of.  I’m so looking forward to sharing the ins and outs of my uni life with you and maybe I’ll catch you on campus sometime!


Hi there – I’m Rory! I’ve only been in New Zealand about three months now and am very excited to discover a new country while studying a Bachelor of Commerce and Diploma of Language at the University of Auckland! Before landing in NZ, I lived on Australia’s Sunshine Coast although I’m originally from the UK. While I’ve been to New Zealand previously, visiting my relatives in Tauranga, I haven’t spent much time in Auckland. So this year I’ve opted to live at Huia Residence to (try to) smoothly transition into both life at university and in Auckland.

With my somewhat nomadic upbringing, travelling has become one of my biggest passions alongside photography and languages. In my Diploma of Languages I’ll be continuing my French study while in my spare time (well if I have any!) you’ll probably find me exploring everything Auckland has to offer. I’m absolutely thrilled at the opportunities I’ll have this year to discover new hobbies, make new friends and experience living away from home – all while studying of course. And along the way, I’ll be doing my best to share it with all you guys!


Hey, everybody, I’m Natasha! I’m taking the leap from a small rural town in the Far North where I was born and raised, to the city of sails where I will begin my journey as a uni student. I will be spending the next 4 years completing a conjoint degree in commerce majoring in marketing and management and arts degree majoring in sociology. During my educational journey, I will be living in the mighty O’Rorke hall where I will spend my first year being completely immersed in independence. I enjoy all the good things in life like food, food, and more food. This may be the death of me, how could anyone resist the temptation when living so close to every type of cuisine available. When I’m not eating I like to play a bit of social hockey. I’m looking forward to sharing my experiences as a first-year student with you and hope that my blogs give someone some vital knowledge.

Se Yeon

Hi all! My name is Se Yeon and I’ll be one of your bloggers for 2018! I am going to be studying Bachelor of Education (Primary) because clearly, I don’t want to leave school for the rest of my life…ha! I’ll be living at home with my parents in Auckland and studying mainly at the Epsom campus when I’m not attending my Psychology sesh for General Education at City campus. Born proudly in the country of BTS and PSY, I’ve lived in NZ since I was 3 years old and haven’t been back since… so don’t ask me what Korea is like because yea… I wouldn’t know ^^; I enjoy watching films (I love musicals and The Greatest Showman was amazing, just saying) and I’ve consistently had a passion for music (a.k.a piano) and the artsy crafty segment of things. I like picking up and trying new things but will probably only stick to it consistently if I’m really interested. I’m a little shy and have a hidden talent of embarrassing myself (it’s really not that hidden actually) but if you see me around, come and introduce yourself and I’ll answer any questions you have about life here at the University of Auckland!


Hey there! Lily is my name and Uni is my game (*silently cringes). I was born and raised in good ‘ole Christchurch my whole life, so moving to the City of Sails will be a welcome change and a pretty cool experience. University Hall Apartments will be my home away from home, and I’ll be studying Health Science this year. Like most of my fellow cohort, I will be aiming to get into the Medicine program (a.k.a the holy grail).

Along with studying my socks off, I’ll be pretending to know what I’m doing in the Uni Gym and trying to be on time for lectures. I’ll also be watching tv and movies in my spare time (expect The Crown and GOT references), avoiding eggplants at all costs and spending all my money on bubble tea. I am so excited to be giving you the 411 on the amazing UHA life and am honoured to be showing you what University life has to offer!


Hi there! I’m Ben and here are the top eight things I think you should know about me.

  1. I’m from Glenbrook, a rural area in South Auckland whose claim to fame is the New Zealand Steel Mill and the Glenbrook Vintage Railway
  2. Six years of my childhood were spent living in Malaysia
  3. People often aptly compare me to Sheldon Cooper (you know, from The Big Bang Theory)
  4. I have visited 15 countries in my lifetime
  5. This year I’m studying Auckland University’s newest degree, the Bachelor of Global Studies, and conjoining it with an old classic, Law
  6. My home this year will be the much coveted University Hall Towers
  7. I love learning languages, hence I speak Spanish and I’m now moving onto French
  8. When I’m not studying (just kidding, I’m always studying) I like to attend Model United Nations conferences, listen to music and watch TV shows (often in Spanish)

I really look forward to being part of The Inside Word team this year and hopefully you will enjoy reading about my experiences just as much as I enjoy having them. Until then, ¡Hasta luego amigos!


I’m Cecilia! Nice to meet you! 🤗 I’m a proud Aucklander with Chinese roots, fond of both cracking open a L&P or pouring some Oolong tea in the afternoon. This year I’ll be leaving the comforts of home and moving into O’Rorke Hall, giving up home cooked meals and control over the TV, to hopefully trade it for some lifelong friendships and a year filled with unforgettable experiences! Although, in order to survive first year Engineering and puzzle out which specialization to choose along the way, I’ll probably have to crack down and do some serious studying too 😬. So, all in all, expect a roller coaster of a ride as you join me through my first year at the University of Auckland.

Hold on tight!


Hey Guys! I’m Amy and I have just moved to what I class as the best city in New Zealand, Auckland, from the second best city, my home Napier. Here I’m going to embark on the exciting yet challenging journey of attaining a Law and Arts degree! I am moving straight from a home of three into University hall which has well over 400 people, more students then were at my high school, but I’m sure it will be a blast!

My key skills include the ability to nap anywhere and everywhere, being able to spend my whole pay check on clothes without a second thought and making my way through every category on Netflix. You will get to come along on the journey as I try and nap less, spend less and watch less Netflix until I become a fully functioning adult who has completed her first year of University… successfully I hope!


Hello! My name’s Chenchen, and I hail from Lower Hutt, although I’ve been fortunate enough to call Southampton, UK, as well as Taiyuan, China, my home. This year, I’ll be working towards a BCom/BSc, majoring in economics and physics whilst living at O’Rorke hall, being a resident cynic. I’m known to be found hunched over in my room reading or playing video games, as well as over a chess board, under a car, or anywhere that Steely Dan is being played. Other than that, I dabble in debating as well as discuss politics like a sport.
Blogging for the Inside Word should be an interesting experience to say the least; I’m sure many misadventures will be documented here. Come give us a yell if you see me around Uni!