Hey guys!

As my bio says, I’m an Education (primary) student, located here at the Epsom campus! Oh but don’t worry, I’ll be at City campus too… doing my good ol’ Psychology 109 General Education paper.

Epsom, which is where I’m studying is a wee~ bit different to all the others at City Campus. We’re definitely a smaller (though we’re not thaaaat small) population compared to the City campus.

The first week has definitely been busy busy! It was a time for all of us to figure everything out from campus to lecture rooms to online platforms and ALL SORTS! Not to mention the clubs expo and all the other O’Week events! I’ve only been here for 3 full days and it already feels like I’ve been here for a month; we’ve had so much new information to process.

But hey, we’ve got a pretty unique and lovable mascot living at Epsom campus… this friendly beaut cat! S/he’s the first to greet me every morning… at 7:20am! How nice is that?

So the first few days at Epsom will be a slightly different experience than those at the City. It’s all good though and it’s nice because there’s a high chance that someone you meet around campus will be doing the same degree as you because you’re all just one faculty! But~ at City, everyone is kinda… just all over the place.

Entering a campus where you know practically nobody is definitely a challenge… and it sure doesn’t help to have always been shy. Being exposed to this new environment kind of forced me out of my bubble and made me realise that it’s actually a lot easier to talk to people cos a lot of them are super friendly. XD

One thing I didn’t quite expect (although I knew about it) was the B-I-G age range. It might be because Education is a pretty open degree and a lot of people can pick it up no matter where they are in their lives and I thought that was pretty cool!

Epsom is a really chill place and NOWHERE near as busy as the City campus. As much as we are pretty isolated, we get our own special treats like BBQ & Beats… Mhmm, that’s right; free food, games, music, competitions, free food… and free food <3 (The candy floss made my day (*tears)).


YEP! So that’s been my week so far pretty much. I haven’t attended too many events (*cries) because it’s hard to come here all the time when I don’t live in a hall and have to travel an hour to get there DX But I will go to AS MANY AS I CAN and keep y’all updated~ But so far, so good! I’m enjoying my lectures and tutorials (ha, didn’t think I’d say that) as it can get pretty interesting. Some lectures feel so short though (like 50 mins) compared to when my high school classes were 100 minutes. I ain’t complaining though! XD

Until next time! 😁