Hey Guys!

I realize this vlog is kind of a mess and I moved and flew around the screen so much DDD: but I was real nervous so forgive me! (I’ll probably stick to written posts in the future since this one was such a disaster aaah!) 😭

But it basically addresses all the times when I asked an Engineering student about what Uni was actually like

Me: “Hey, so I heard you do Engineering, what’s that like???” 🤔😮

Older student: *in a nasally tone: “Uhmmm Engineering is preetty much just Mathsss and Physiccs ”


Well, I guess most of them weren’t that nasally haha! But you get the gist.

However, after becoming an Engineering student, I realized, well… they’re not actually wrong…?

So I’ll talk to you guys about the Engineering degree structure and gives some (not too great) insight into what you actually learn in each of the Semester 1 courses!

BONUS CONTENT: Rant Unfiltered feelings and first impressions of Engineering as a whole! (skip to 7:23 for this, ‘slightly’ more entertaining part!)

Enjoy 🙂

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Hellooo! I'm Cecilia (yes I've heard the song, please don't sing haha!) I'm a proud Aucklander staying in O'Rorke Hall this year. You can find me in front of my computer binge watching sitcoms (friends ftw!), taking a break once in a while to attend class and hopefully get through to 2nd year Engineering/Commerce!

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