The first week of uni, oh what a week it has been. Meeting new people, discovering new places and finding out about all the fun and very expensive books you need. These first days of your uni life will include some of the most memorable experiences of your life. Whether it is a quick visit to Sensational Chicken with people from your floor, a good night out at Shadows or just a casual chill session watching Jeremy Kyle or Friends in the common room. Some will even say ‘you might meet the person you will marry right here at uni’.

Your week will be filled with many fun moments but also some low times. I think everyone misses home at some point or another during the first weeks of uni. It might be the daunting thought of not seeing your family for 6 weeks, the complete immersion into freedom that might set homesickness off or even the stress of your course.

If you do begin to miss home just go out and do something. Sit in the common room, go shopping, go to the events during o-week or even go to the gym (if that’s your kind of thing). I can guarantee that one of these things will help take your mind off things and make it easier.

O week is designed to help you settle into the place you will call home. Take advantage of everything that is on offer. O week does not just mean going to the clubs or drinking. You can definitely have fun doing this but there are other options that provide you with just as much fun like quiz night, speed dating, and even formal dinner.

A great example of a fun event is the toga party. Getting together with your floor finding all the things you will need to look good (look sharp has everything you will need at a good price), mastering the art of tying a toga and just having a good time during the event.

To finish off this blog post I thought I would leave you with a few tips that I think you will not think of before moving to uni.

A fan.

Be warned, if you have not spent a lot of time in Auckland be prepared for 4 seasons in one day. It has been extremely muggy for my first week. Bring a fan!! It is most definitely a necessity for staying in the halls of residences. Auckland has currently sold out of fans and probably will again next year so be prepared or else you will be very hot.

My small desk fan that does not have nearly enough power.

On the other side, occasional showers do appear unexpectedly. So be prepared for everything in terms of weather (except snow and if it does happen at least O’rorke has heaters in their rooms).


Look for your books online before coming to uni. You will often find them cheaper on websites like book depository but this takes time with shipping so if you order during o week you might not have it at the start of class. Trust me you will want to find a bargain after finding out the prices of some of the books.


I am currently sitting in my room trying to complete my blog and know the exact time due to loud yelling and chants heading towards town. 10 O’CLOCK. Everyone has been kicked out due to noise and alcohol restrictions and my earplugs give me the ability to hear my own thoughts.

I’m going to leave you with some wise words (from google).


Thanks for reading,

Natasha xx