Hey guys! How’s life? Currently it’s mid-semester break, which means I get to ‘chill’ (even though I’ve been studying for my exams arghhhh). One of the great things about uni is that after a month of studying, we get to ‘chill’ out for two weeks! Nearly everyone I know have escaped the halls to have fun, study, visit family or just wanting to not climb anymore of those darn hills.When you come back you really notice the difference between home and hall.

Everything is quieter, less fast paced and more relaxed (which can be both good and bad). You start to realise, how much you’ve missed your old home as well as realising that Auckland is now your new home 🙂 Coming from Christchurch this was definitely noticeable, since as soon as I got back, I went back to have a good look at  ‘ole Riccarton mall, the botanic gardens, the Cathedral square and New Brighton beach. However, I’ve also missed the great hustle and bustle of Queen Street and the great diversity of people in Auckland. Auckland has been a great, and I don’t ever regret moving to a hall.

I’ve also been catching up all the shows I’m missing out on (including Scandal and Young Sheldon), as well as random youtube videos (i.e that yodelling kid in wallmart) just because after the 1st half of semester 1 you need to chill 😎. Also just trying to get everything I need in Auckland from Christchurch (since those queen street shops can be a little bit pricy). I have missed being in a hall though, as I did miss the easter egg hunt 🙁

Even after 2 months, I miss it hell of a lot. I’ve visited friends (they’ve started to call me a jaffa?), gone to the city centre to explore a bit but also studied a lot too! One of the great things about uni, is that not matter where you are, you can access the lecture videos and study (heh heh).

In mid-semester, it might feel like it’s super chill, and it’s supposed to be. You’re supposed to let go, and just take some time for yourself and relax. But what you might not know, is that this is a prime opportunity to brush on any stuff you haven’t quite understood, started memorising some of those things that might be important for exams, and to get started on those assignments (except for pop101, I’ll probably leave it till the last minute!).  Here’s some of the things I got up to mid-sem.It’s really cool to balance that study/fun ratio and make sure that you’re getting stuff done while being able to take a breather and feel refreshed for the next half of  semester 1 (with final exams, you need it, trust me).

I took this from the Christchurch Art Gallery (Cerith Wyn Evans, Things are conspicuous in their absence… 2012, neon.). Personally, going to the art gallery has always been that place where you can just sit back, slow down, and think about life (deep I know). That’s kind of like the nature bit in UHA too (which is really,really nice) 🌱

I have enough cat photos to last me the semester :))

Mexican Food with friends! 😀






So that’s it from me! I hope you have a lovely holiday break (pretty sure you have them now think), and again, just relax and have fun 🙂

Any question, as always, let me know!

Thanks, Lily