Just like that, the holidays are over. And with two tests coming up this week, there’s no time to ease my way back into it. The only option is to dive in and start swimming.

I actually had quite a good first day back, my french lecture got cancelled so all of a sudden my day was over by 1pm instead of 4pm! I may or may not have had to use that time to write this…

While the recent storm in Auckland didn’t stick around, it seems the rain has – which has sent me in search of inside (or at least dry) study spots. Along with the other several thousand students on campus…

Courtyard with picnic benches

The architecture courtyard in all its glory

One of my favourite spots for the past six weeks has been the courtyard outside the Architecture West building. It’s pretty quiet, never too busy and it’s nice to enjoy the breeze while studying under a shade umbrella. Unfortunately, it being outside made it a victim of the weather and not exactly the driest spot.


Since I study commerce, I tend to spend a fair bit of time in the OGGB (Owen G. Glen Building) – where there are a lot of tables around for studying.

Level 0, where the main lecture halls and labs are, tends to get very, very busy even on a sunny day, so with this weather, there are people everywhere. Every table is taken, every bench has a bum on it and every wall is being leant against. It can be absolute chaos but if you must study there, wait for classes to change and quickly grab a seat then.

Students sitting at tables studying

Sneaky pic from Level 1

I didn’t want to wait, so I headed up to Level 1 and had a bit more success there. It is much noisier than 0, but people seem to move on quickly, allowing you to grab the perfect study spot. Plus, since it’s not underground, there’s sunlight, which makes studying slightly more enjoyable.


If you’re looking for somewhere silent to study though, head across Symonds Street to the General Library. There you’ll find loads of desks, and the only sound is the gentle tapping of laptop keys.

Library study space

Level 5 of the Library is my go-to

Another option, that I haven’t had a chance to check out yet is the Kate Edgar Information Commons. Just across the street from the library, the Commons have several floors of study space, each with different noise levels. The lower levels can be used for group study, and then as you get higher, it gets quieter.

laptop & study notes on a desk

Home sweet home

I’ve realised that I get a lot more done on campus than in my room, but sometimes it’s just a whole lot easier to just roll out of bed and sit at your own desk that you didn’t have to spend 15 mins finding…

And that’s it from me, until next time 😊