Hey! It’s me again! I hope you’ve had an incredible term break (dam I’m jealous), and are slowly going through all those internals and externals! Currently, I’m personally experiencing some highs and lows (but definitely more of the highs :)), which I thought would give you some cool insight into what you might expect for next year!

Nothing better, then a cupcake for breakfast?

1.Just getting up at 7.30am (ok, don’t lie Lily, maybe 7.50am)  in the morning to get to 8am Lectures

One of the greatest things in THE WORLD, is that our lecture theatres (which are pretty big), is around 4-5 minutes away. It’s even better, when getting there, you don’t have to climb the hill up to the science campus or even worse… to the law campus. Personally, at around 7.50am I am totally dysfunctional and a bit hazy, so I pop in my headphones (hopefully, I’ll be rich enough to get those wireless one’s by the time I’m 30) and listen to some inspirational t-swizzle. However, usually because I’m pretty slack, if I make it in a bit early I can do my pre-readings right beforehand, which is great, because your lecturers don’t know đŸ˜€

Just needing some time to talk :))


2. Trying to balance a social life and school life

Yes, even though I have a social life which is nearly dead I still try and keep it alive (like my pot plant called Peter). So in times of crisis, and when I have 2 essays due (yes, I knew what I was getting into when I chose BHSC and yes, I am loving it) I will still hang out with friends, make plans and have a video call which should be ending after 2 hrs but we can’t be bothered to initiate an end. Personally I’m loving the struggle, because it feels like I have a social life, even though I really don’t. I try to avoid the fact, that I’m being constantly crushed by the amount of work I have to do but you know…. life keeps going on :))

3. Trying to believe I can do it

To be honest, I always knew I would struggle with this one. Sometimes, I do have insecurities about my intelligence. Am I smart enough? Why am I not smart like them? After getting a really terrible chem mark, I have thought about maybe not being smart enough for this course or for trying to get into med. I admit it was really hard to deal with, not because I wasn’t expecting it, but because I was comparing myself to everyone around me. It really knocked my self-confidence, and made me really take a look at my study habits and where I was going wrong. However, after some contemplation, I realised that it was only one test, worth 15%, and we had the option to do an assignment to replace the mark. However, what I’ve learnt is that in times like these, there’s no point wasting time and wallowing in self pity and sadness. It’s about knowing where you made mistakes, how to improve, re-acessing what you did well and not well and giving it your 100%. Hopefully, you won’t have to go through this next year, but if you do, it’s ok. It will feel like the end of the world. It will feel horrible. But learn from you’re mistakes, and try your absolute best and have no regrets (also, thank god chemistry has an optional essay, I’m literally melting)

4. Labs. My loving relationship with those labcoats and safety glasses.

Personally, I have enjoyed labs. They’re honestly really fun (a bit more exciting then high school) and I have enjoyed them. We’ve made aspirin (yes, I can now say I can make a drug, although I wouldn’t advise consuming it), made a cute ‘lil embryo as well as a lab about ester hydrolysis (you know those things which smell like fruits?) and looked at blood cells. Labs make me feel like that even if I didn’t get into med, I still have the option of doing science or doing something else! Also the fact you get to keep your labcoat, makes you feel like a real-life scientist <3

Debating! (feat. Chenchen repping O’Rorke)

5. The fun events going on!

One of the best, best things about halls, is that fact you can meet so many people! This week we have an inter-residential debating comp (UH came 2nd :))  as well as a colour carnival. Both events are great ways to meet people, and even though we know which hall is the best (UH ofc), there’s still some  great rivalry going on, particularly with the other first year halls (Huia, Whittaker, O’Rorke).

So that’s it from me folks! Again, any questions you wanna ask feel free to ask :))