It’s been a rough few weeks. Test upon test, assignment upon assignment. A pale face, unwashed hair and a permanent set of panda eyes was my new everyday look. Putting it lightly, the word happy wasn’t a word I was expecting to use for a while.

…Though, surprisingly, I came pretty close.


You know what that pause means. That’s right! Its…..

❀ Story time with Cecilia! ❀

(go on, grab your popcorn)


So, originally this blog was set to be a moan and groan about life, a general ‘how to’ guide if you will, in dealing with life giving you lemons. More specifically, how to avoid grabbing them and squeezing them into your own eyes (coming from metaphorical experience of course). A little gloomy but, you get the gist, I was a totally down in the dumps.


One of the main reasons why was that I was slightly really behind in lecture recordings (sorted now, don’t worry 😉) and for one of my courses we have these weekly worksheets to complete which count for marks. Now what I normally do is start nice and early so I can take time to review my notes, lecture recordings, etc. and basically relearn the whole topic to whiz through the worksheet and understand the material more. However, this week being a horrible special week, I missed both lectures and had to watch the recordings to catch up. It was currently


I had time. No biggie. I started to re-watch the lecture recordings.


I finished. Was feeling good. I opened the worksheet and … realised the quiz was on last week’s topic…Psh. No worries. I got this. I did it last week.

                 (cue me starting to reach for metaphorical lemons)

Then I looked at the worksheet and realised, this wasn’t the stuff I reviewed last week. (um…you’re getting quizzed on it this week, meaning you wouldn’t have reviewed it last week…duh 🙄)

                 (cue me starting to pick up the lemons)

At this point, I still wasn’t too stressed. Started to leisurely review my notes and do the first two questions. I could do them, no problem.


I reached Question 3. A triple threat with a, b, and c sub-questions. 30 minutes? Got this. 😎


Finished a. Then moved onto b.


Oh no.

                 (cue me raising the lemons to my eyes)

What was this?

It wasn’t in my notes.

What was this word? What did this mean?

It hit me that it took at least a few minutes entering the answers into the online quiz. Basically, I had 10 minutes left. The clock was ticking.



(‘on the clock, but the party don’t stop no.’
                 Jk. There wasn’t time for Kesha. I was freaking out.)


I started to google what the question meant. Opened a Khan Academy video. It was 9 minutes long. I had about 10 minutes to go and 2 more questions to do. Panic settled in.

                 (cue me starting to squeeze the lemons)


I had no choice.

                 (cue juice slowly coming out of the lemons.)

I knocked on my neighbours door

                 still 11:45pm

She opened her door


I cried for help


She freaked out.

                 (cue her smacking the lemon out of my hand just before the first drop of juice hits my                  panda eye bags)

Then she came over and helped me understand the word.

Aaand you can picture the rest. We rejoice, I profess my undying friendship (seriously, if you’re reading, I love you 😘), we ride off into the sunset.

 ❀ End ❀

Now this whole experience taught me three things.

  1. That I really shouldn’t miss class.
  2. To never leave something this late ever again because accidents do happen.
  3. To have more faith in humanity.

In a world governed by laws, powered by routine and filled with technology and machines, life can be fairly predictable. It is the actions of humans which add the element of surprise. Bringing about delight along with a touch of chaos.

University can be a pretty cut-throat place, especially in courses such as Biomed or Law – even in Engineering I see this with people I know. To those out there studying a competitive degree. Don’t be that guy. I’m not saying share your answers because, #academicintegrity 🙃, but if your friend is really struggling with a concept, maybe just give them a little nudge in the right direction. Helping someone is a two-way street, you benefit from explaining too.

(Help your friends get back on their feet. Like kiwi!)

Yes, people can be little poops, but they can also be there to lend a hand during your times of need. The wild card that is there for you when even technology can’t save you (*cough* Khan Academy). You’ll never be able to see the best in people when you are constantly looking for the worst.

So next time someone is in need of help. Don’t be a 💩. Lend a hand. Spread the love! 💕