Going to University is all fun and games until you hit the point in the semester where things actually start to matter. That point is called exams and trust me I cannot wait to see the back of them. At High School, I was never one to stress or feel nervous for exams. I trusted myself and the work I did. However, come the night before the law exam that counted for either 80% or 100% of my grade, I began to feel those feelings that I never have before. Questions ran through my brain like will I even be a law student next semester? (If we don’t achieve a B- we cannot move on to law 131 and law 141). What if I forget everything I’ve been studying? Have others been studying more than I have? Or am I even good enough for Law? This was probably the lowest point I have reached in the semester so far and it did not come at a good time.

Notes in every spot possible


Luckily, my friends are not just the coolest people I’ve met but the greatest support system and my own personal cheerleaders. They were there to remind me to believe in myself when I didn’t, and wish me luck (probably 15 times each!) Once the two hours of constant writing was done and I was able to check my phone, I had another 10 messages from each person asking how it went and if I needed food, a drink or a shoulder to cry on. My friends demonstrated just how much support you have when you are at University, especially during exam time, you aren’t on your own like it is made out to be. They were there when I doubted myself and as soon as I began writing, their words were in the back of my mind. I’m happy to say the exam didn’t damage me like I thought it would and Love Island was a great way to recover. I now have a decent week and a half break until my next exam and I hope this time I can remain stress-free and without nerves. However, if not, I am fortunate that my friends are on this journey with me. They are there to remind me that everyone is different and therefore studies differently so I shouldn’t compare myself. To remind me that a balance between study and breaks are needed and to remind me that doing my best is all I can do. Things that I want to remind you all of!!

Supportive Post-it notes


Support Texts!










Exams are a time that definitely challenges you, not just academically but mentally. I have found the difference between University and High School in regards to exams is the pressure. At High School, it is simply about credits and once you have gained enough, then exams don’t matter too much. However, with a degree like Law, this one test can make it or break it for you. That is what I felt caused my stress. I have now learnt to tell myself that if things don’t go according to my carefully thought out plans, there are always alternatives. You can always repeat a paper, or just work even harder in order to raise your GPA.

The wait before the Law exam


Just remember, exams may not be that fun but they are only a small snippet of your life and hopefully in the end, it will all be worth it.

Good Luck and Study Hard!!