Ah, Week 12.

By the end of this week, semester one’s coursework will be officially over!

My accounting course actually finishes up on Tuesday so I’ll get a lie in Wednesday and Thursday – hurrah!
However, I can’t celebrate too soon; there’s still exams to be sat.

From the end of this week, there’s a convenient “Study Break” until next Wednesday, then on Thursday, the exams begin.

I’m quite lucky that my exams each have a couple of days between them but still give me an extra almost two weeks of holidays, and I only have exams for three classes, so that’s even better. One of my friends’ last exam isn’t until the very last day of the exam period, June 26, so she won’t get to relax until ages after me. It’s really hit or miss how your exam timetable ends up!

My birthday falls during the Study Break, so I’m heading home to my parents for a few days – unfortunately, I’ll have to take all my revision with me. Last weekend and this week I’m doing my best to do as much as possible so at least *on* my actual birthday I can take a break from study.

Mid Winter Christmas!

Last Friday here at Huia we had our ‘Mid Winter Christmas’ which helped lighten the mood during this serious, studious time. Everyone in the hall (even self-catered residents) was able to come down to Ground and enjoy a Christmas-y roast dinner. There was even Secret Santa!

At the start of my last blog, I touched on making sure you take a break and don’t wear yourself out, advice that this week I’m very much taking myself. Last weekend I spent all of Friday and Saturday studying so by Saturday evening I ended up with a killer headache and just collapsed into bed with Netflix. I know I can get way too into study & revision, and very easily forget to take a break as I just want to finish that to-do list, but on Sunday I made sure to take more of a leisurely pace and actually relax a little.

I got up late, walked over to the Library and sat in the library for a couple of hours and left feeling far more achieved than I had by the end of either Friday or Saturday. AND I had no headache. A change of scenery definitely helped me get more done.

Then in the afternoon, I decided to go out exploring with a friend because when you live in a city like Auckland with so many picturesque spots to discover you may as well go check them out. We ended up at Cornwall Park & One Tree Hill. You really wouldn’t believe this massive park filled with cows & sheep is just 20 mins from the city – but it is!

So this turned into a bit of a rambly blog, but I hope you got something out of it – it was a good excuse to get away from the books momentarily to write it!