Hey Guys! It’s me again! Soon, it’ll be halls applications, which I know can be a pretty scary time. I think they open in August and close in September! (Protip: Register as soon as you can! Try not to leave it to the last minute, and even apply to make sure you have backup options, if not for the bragging rights). Even if you don’t think you’ll go to that uni, it really dosen’t hurt to apply as it’s usually free (and you can probably copy and paste as you go 😉).

Choosing a Uni can be tough (although I was always gunning for UoA and hopefully you will be too!). However, choosing a place to live can be even harder.  I thoroughly recommend you do a little bit of research or talk to friends before choosing a hall. It can be a big decision, and I think some residences may be more suitable and enjoyable then others (in my opinion anyway). But I thought I’d put in my 2 cents as to why you should choose University Hall, more specifically University Hall Apartments!

My Application : I’ll be the first to admit, that I did choose University Hall Towers, however I did not get in. I remember getting my email, and feeling so downcast while others had gotten into UHT or into their preferred hall. I was even more sad, when I couldn’t even make it onto the UHT waitlist! I did however get onto the O’Rorke waitlist, but Nekt Minute changed to University Hall Apartments 🙂

I can honestly say, I did not regret it one bit. University Hall Apartments has given me the independence, yet also support and inclusiveness which is more then I could ask for. Now, I’m not going to bash UH because I’m salty or sad, but I will say, that life here in UHA is pretty sweet, and it’s nice to walk past people when they have to wait for the elevator heh heh.

Blissfully happy, with my untidy bed 🌸

University Hall Apartments :University Hall Apartments is home to 106 students, and is arranged into flats, on 5 different levels. Like the other halls, we also offer alcohol free flats, and some flats are also all female (although I’m not sure if that was intentional). However, what makes UHA so special, is that right across the road, is the orange chicken called UH. I’ll admit it’s really nice up there, but it just dosen’t give the same chill and family vibes we get here.

Because we’re arranged in an appartment style complex, I think we have more chances to socialise. Whether it’s just going across the road, walking up the stairs, or moving to the common room, we’re always bumping into people. There’s also some fun events, just for UHA people as well, which makes it even more special. Below are pictures from the UHA BBQ and the Mad Tea Party (while watching the game between Utah Jazz and Oklahoma City Thunder)!

UHA is kind of like Hannah Montana where it get’s the best of both worlds. It’s a close knit community of 107 people (with washing machines on every floor 😉 ), but also it’s part of the 400 University Hall community as well. It may be surprising to some, but yes, we are also catered too!! The rooms are also pretty big, I’d say about the same size as Towers (although it does depend on where you’re situated). Personally, I’d prefer being in a room in apartments compared to if you were on the lower floors in towers and situated near the garbage bins…..

So for all those UH people who haven’t figured why we’re there everyday, it’s because, we just really love the food (especially the brunch on Saturday and Sunday) and also because we’re catered (every though we have a kitchen, utensils, fridge, oven, stove, microwave and toaster). We also share the same benefits of going to mentoring, and doing all the fun Uni Hall events, such as the Cocktail party, the University Hall Ball and the Colour Carnival! And also get to share the same facilities, such as the study room and common room. Personally, I found it really surprising that a lot of UHT residents don’t realise we’re there 😂

The recent UH End of Semester Cocktail party, with fellow bloggers! 🙂

Also, in regards to cost (because yes, you’ll face the dilemma whether to get uber eats or get sensational chicken), you can save $38 a fortnight! Which can come in handy, especially when you’ve managed to spend $17.50 on highlighters in UBIQ (Sorry mum and dad). Also, once you’re properly settled in, you’ll feel like you’re part of the UH community, and it honestly won’t matter whether you’re in UHA or UHT. Because after all,when you’re literally 10 seconds away from each other, and can communicate via sticky notes on windows or like in that Taylor Swift song (:

Anyway, if you have questions ask away below 🙂


Disclaimer: I am thoroughly biased. UH(both apartments and towers) is certainly the best (no two clap needed here 😏)