Semester break is finally here! GOODBYE SEMESTER ONE!

No longer am I stressing nor staying up until 4am in the morning… those days are gone – hallelujah!

pile of notes

The feeling of freedom feels so good; almost too good to be true. It felt like I had been trapped in exam period for a week far too long and to think that I’m no longer imprisoned by having to explain a split brain does or what the teaching implications are Piaget’s theory is amazing… I could finally look at my pile of notes and be proud (and also delete 200 images from my phone of other course material… we all know this feels great right?!)


Looking back though, I did realise that the courses I took were actually really good (if I did my readings on time it would’ve been even better) and made me realise that I really did make the right choice in pursuing Bachelor of Education because… I love it!

Now’s my time to enjoy the not-so-warm Winter break and I’ve got a few plans lined up with friends which I am super excited for! It’s interesting though, surely it can’t be just me but there was so much stuff I wanted to do during exams but now that I’m on break, those cravings are gone… not quite sure where my creative aspiration went and how it so quickly disappeared…

The first week was mostly spent catching up on sleep and then spending time with friends and family from the second week as well as celebrating my girl’s 21st birthday… ♥

unphotogenic photo     group photo   2 friends

We also went to the Body Worlds Vital Exhibition which was interesting… I probably saw one too many preserved organs (won’t upload photos for those who might be sensitive to this) but otherwise it did give good insight on how we should look after our body and well-being more.

body worlds vital   pasta and pizza   night photo

With half of my semester break gone (and half of my exam results released), I am starting to think about next semester and what could be done better (which shall be a future post!). My timetable itself makes me pretty excited for next semester… My last class ends at 12:30pm each day AND I get Thursdays off… although that does mean morning classes and waking up around 5am… But I reckon it’ll be worth it!!

Until then, I hope everyone stays warm during these Winter nights! 🙂