Hey guys! It’s currently semester 2 (man, they weren’t kidding when they said uni goes by fast) and I can’t believe I’ve possibly just finished 1/6 of my degree!!! I thought I might mix up things, and talk about the great stuff we have uni (which has nothing to do with study, or papers or that academic-y kind of stuff).

Now that the first semester’s finished, I feel like it’s easier to ‘breath’ a little bit. There’s not as much pressure (although still a lot of pressure) and not as much stress, as there’s only one core-paper this semester (albeit the hardest core…but still). Although I had previously gone for Music 144G as my Gen Ed (General Education paper), unfortunately this clashed and my concession request got denied, so I’m taking Maori 130G (which I’m really enjoying at the moment, and I REALLLY recommend taking!).

A General Education paper (otherwise known as a Gen Ed), is basically a paper that you take outside your faculty and provides the most ‘basic’ overview of that subject. I’m pretty sure in all degrees, you must take two Gen Ed papers and if you’re taking a conjoint, you must take one Gen Ed. Be aware: If you intend to take a language paper as a gen ed, you can’t have any prior knowledge or study in that language or needs to be ‘minimal’. For example, if you had 16 credits in Level 2 Spanish in the last two years, you can’t enrol.

Anyway……  Here’s 5 things I’ve been doing this semester which has really improved how I’ve enjoyed uni which I didn’t get to try last sem :))

  1. Go to the clubs expo!!! Every semester, in O-week there is usually a clubs week!!! I was really busy last semester, so I wasn’t really involved with any clubs but it’s not too late to sign up in semester 2!!! Last semester it was held in Albert park and this sem it was held in the sports and recreation centre (the first time I’ve gone in since signing up for gym membership lol). 
  2.  Lectures!!! It feels really weird to be back, after being pretty relaxed in the mid-sem break (although I did have UMAT to make sure my brain wasn’t going to shut down). I love the first week, not only because everyone’s kind of pumped to start but also because it’s an opportunity to meet people and also when people aren’t as stressed and lecture content isn’t as bad 🙂
  3. 2ND YR-RESIDENCE tour!!! Just like you high schoolers, we also have to face the reality of finding a place in Auckland next year (like you, applications open on the 1ST OF AUGUST)! It was a really good opportunity to check out what 2nd year residences the uni has to offer. I think one of the reasons why some people might deter from coming to Auckland might be the struggle to find accommodation in Auckland (especially after 2nd year), but the uni has heaps of great options available and if you’re going in a hall (it’s a great way to meet flat mates). Another option is to become an RA (resident advisor), which means you essentially get paid to stay at the hall while only needing to pay a small amount (so basically living there for free).

Here are some pictures of Grafton Student flats (note: right next to the new Grafton hall) and 55 Symonds,  ->

I’ve really, really enjoyed apartments this year, so I was really keen on living in the same situation again. If you’re more into the independent kind of living situation 55 Symonds Street or Unilodge Whitaker might be for you. If you’re more into the apartment style living, Carlaw, Parnell, Unilodge Anzac/Beach could be great! Either way, you have heaps of choices available (and they’re all fairly close to the uni!).

Here are some pictures of Parnell Student Village, Carlaw  ->

4. And the other bits of random things in between…… These first two weeks have really been a blast! I did my first lab for medsci 142, which was a rat dissection (p.s this was optional, we treated the animal with respect and it was a very informative experience), did the UMAT exam (it was honestly not that bad), went to every 8am class (*sighs* yay me), and explored Auckland a bit (Newmarket and Ponsonby are like a 20-25 minute walk from UH).

UH also hosted a floor challenge, which although apartments didn’t win, gave a great excuse to bond with others and walk around auckland trying to find some orange hair dye (here’s a snapshot of what we were asked to do). Also, avoiding memorising the parts of the brain and playing monopoly was great too :))

So that’s it from me folks! Any other questions let me know in the comments below 🙂

p.s I really,really recommend checking out the halls (and maybe the 2nd year residences) if you can, they’re honestly really cool. Also, if you want to know about anything particular let me know! Also, if you’re coming to Courses and Careers Open Day, I thoroughly recommend going early to the introduction talks on Law, Engineering, and Med (I remember going last year, and it was always packed) and registering online (because you get free skybus tickets if you’re coming in from out of town)! There are also free buses coming in from all areas of Auckland — and from regions between Northland and Waikato/ BoP.

check out www.openday.ac.nz