Hi Everyone,

I’m in the throes of exams at the moment. I’ve already had Law, but I have to wait until the last few days in the exam period for my final two (Global 101 and French). Regardless, I still took a few moments to do a PMI (positive, minus, interesting) for my first ever semester at University. Have a look at the video above or take a quick scroll through the summary below.


  1. Variety of papers
  2. Sense of community in Global Studies cohort
  3. Hall life (community and joint accountability)
  4. Clubs (Study Abroad Students Society and French Club)
  5. Independence to explore Auckland



  1. Endless readings
  2. 65% of Global 100 due in the last week of the semester (but no exam!)



  1. My three exams are really spread out
  2. A personal printer is very very useful


Thanks again for your support and feel free to leave a comment.

¡Hasta luego amigos!