As my exam results have rolled in I begin to reminisce on all the things I did right and wrong. The study tips I saw on Facebook that I tried to use that just did not work for me and the strategies I developed myself that helped a lot.

I have found that a study style that works for your friends may have absolutely no effect on you and this is because everyone is different. So, when reading these blogs take parts from everyone experiment and develop it into your own idea. I found that the way I studied at the start of the semester was completely different to the way I did towards the end and I still believe it will continue changing. So be sure to change your style as soon as you realise it does not work for you. Figure out what is wrong with it, take the bits that do work and find some new ways.

There are lots of ways that scientists have tested the most effective way to study and found a few things that seem to work on average. Writing notes by hand allows you to understand the content better than typing every word the lecturer says, Studying in smaller sessions of about 45 minutes rather than cramming weeks of work into one day, Creating and using flashcards, Practise applying the content, Teaching it to others and many more.

Handwritten notes

Quizlet has past students notes and flashcards.

If you are doing a course like commerce and can choose what courses you want to take in the first semester, pick some that you are familiar with so that you can have some courses that you are confident about. If you are familiar with the content you will probably have more time to focus on adapting to the way lecturers want you to present the content in assignments rather than just focusing on learning the content. Start by using the tips that the lecturers recommend because they are the ones that know what they are talking about. Not the people who like to post on Instagram their fancy looking notes.

Don’t be disappointed with your first exam results because trends show that your semester two results will be higher. Semester one is all about finding what is right for you. Try different ways to do things and use the ones that work in semester two. So when answering the question “What even is study?” I would have to say it is whatever you make it.

Have a good day

Kind regards Natasha