Hiya guys!

As promised, let me introduce you guys to my pet project for the next few weeks: The Hall Tour Series!

As the name implies, I will be visiting all of the first year halls of residences, filming and editing my own (amateurish) video of each one to hopefully give you a bit of an insight into what the facilities are like. This was something I really wanted to do since the start of becoming a blogger as I personally really struggled deciding which one to go to. Shakiness and overall dizzying effect aside 😅, hopefully with these videos you will have an easier time seeing which hall speaks to you the most! 😊

First up… *drumrolls*… Whitaker Hall!

Location 📍: 27 Whitaker Pl, Grafton, Auckland 1010.

A 5-10-minute walk to city campus so quite close.

Circled is Whitaker. Star is around where the majority of campus is at.

Capacity 🏠: Being the smallest hall with a capacity of 169 students definitely has its plus sides. What struck me while taking a tour of Whitaker was that my guide knew most of the other residents by name which was quite refreshing. O’Rorke Hall and the new Grafton Hall has around 300 residents each and University Halls and Apartments have a whopping 548 residents, meaning that sense of intimacy and close-knit community is probably something more easily felt by residents of Whitaker Hall.

cozy cozy

Room types 🛏️: They have Single (147 rooms), Twin Share (7 rooms) and Twin Share Deluxe (4 rooms).

Uniquely, Whitaker Hall is the only hall to have this option of being in a Twin Share room. Every other first year hall has either single rooms or large single rooms (O’Rorke). Lucky for you, my friend Nina actually lives in a Twin Share room and you can get a glimpse of it in the video!

Catered/non-catered 🍽️: Like every other first year hall in 2019, Whitaker Hall is fully catered. Monday – Friday: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner. Saturday – Sunday: Brunch and Dinner

Cost per week 💰:  Single: $368, Twin Share: $309, Twin Share Deluxe: $355.

My first impression: If I were to describe Whitaker Hall in one word, it would be homely. The warm brown tones with hints of red, paired with a handsome brick aesthetic, gives off almost a camp cabin vibe (in a good way!). Think: smores by the campfire 🔥, snuggling under a blanket with a warm cup of cocoa ☕, sharing secrets, or scary stories with your friends. Though I’m not sure if this was because I visited just after the sun set and was able to witness the place bathed in a warm yellow glow. A point I think I should note is that my friend mentioned there was construction going on nearby. As I came at night I didn’t really hear anything, but this may be something to keep in mind/ask the RAs about when you visit. All in all, I really liked what I saw at Whitaker and would definitely recommend you check it out! 👍

No filter needed!


Lastly, a MASSIVE thanks to my friend Nina for showing me around <3

For more information on Whitaker Hall: https://www.auckland.ac.nz/en/on-campus/accommodation/university-accommodation/catered-accommodation/whitaker-hall.html

Please only use this post as a general guide! There will be hall tours conducted during Courses and Careers Day on the 25th of August 2018, where you will get the chance to visit the hall itself. If you can’t make it, there are details of private halls tours as well as more information at: https://www.auckland.ac.nz/en/on-campus/accommodation/university-accommodation/catered-accommodation/halls-of-residence-general-information.html

Disclaimer: This whole review is based off a single visit to a section of the residence on a specific date. There will almost certainly be aspects and conditions of the hall that I could not capture in this post/in the video, as well as possible changes to this residence in the future.

Remember! Applications open 1 August. Deadline is 30 September for first offers. Biggest tip is to take time filling this in and think about your answers, as this is what the RAs use to decide who your neighbors (and probably your best hall buds 😉) are!

Until next time xx ~