Hey guys! It’s me again! I thought I might share with you guys a snapshot into a week of uni! As you guys may know, the timetable between Uni and High school is really,really different. Often you may just have 2-3 classes a day, at most is probably 4. They are usually also 1-2 hours (although you can have 3 hour labs). I’ve been sick the last couple of days (but thankfully, if you’ve signed up for the University of Auckland Health and counselling services, GP visits are only $12).

However, that hasn’t stopped me from going on great walks with friends around the city, going up the Auckland domain (spotting possum poop and admiring pagan statues) as well as walking around Albert park. Often, a misconception about Auckland is that it’s a very urban city, so there isn’t really any nature or recreation. However, just a 5 minute walk from UH is the Auckland Domain. Coming from Christchurch, I really wasn’t used to climbing up hills. So I like to think of it as less of fun chill walk but more of a hike (and counting that as my big physical recreational activity being done for the year). There’s some great walks around the domain, from the lover’s walk to the domain walk to Parnell, it’s a really good time to relax and forget about the huge amount of study that you should probably be doing …..

Anyway! My timetable this semester has been really good! This was what my timetable looked last semester taking a BHSc (although I found that this semester is probably less full on, and there are less hours which is good). Just be aware, that other degrees will have probably completely different timetables. For example, last semester if you took biomed you had a 3 hour block from 8-11am or from 2-5pm (and unfortunately if you took BHSc you couldn’t go into the later stream….until a few weeks after semester when people stopped turning up haha).

My week usually consists of lectures, labs and tutorials. I thought it would be cool to compare it to one of my friend’s who does an art degree to show that while they’re pretty similar, there’s some cool differences as well.

Until recently I didn’t have the time (or at least what I was telling myself) to go to the gym or do any co-curricular activities. Although I feel like I haven’t done as many co-curricular activities as the good ‘ole high school days, I still try to make an effort to go to Zumba (free!! if you have gym membership!), go to a few hall events and get out an about. Recently, I’ve joined a netball team with other fellow Uni Hall’ers (both from apartments and towers) :)) It may not be much, but it’s so nice to just be able to let go and have some fun (even if it means a 33-3 loss haha).

I’ve also recently changed my study habits. I used to study a lot in the UH silent study room, going there almost every day. However, although this may have seemed productive and a good thing, it really,really wasn’t. I found that I thought I was being productive in the silent study room, even though what I was really doing, was watching orange is the new black and looking at memes ( I’m an egg).

Example of being ‘Productive’ in the Silent Study Room feat.Jackie

Another key thing, was just going on spontaneous trips. The thing about living in a hall, is that because convenience stores are often a bit too expensive for the ‘ole student budget (we still love you munchy mart though!), and snacks brought within 24 hours can be eaten in 24hrs, which  results in random trips to the local countdown on Queen street. Other random trips include; going to the Law Revue (which was sooooo good!), getting some sensational chicken (to settle those 11.28pm ‘I need to get my life together’ cravings), random walks around the city (…Concrete jungle where dreams are made of, there’s nothin’ you can’t do….), going for drinks (both the non-alcoholic and….) and building forts in the lounge of apartments at 2am in the morning?

So that’s it from me. As always, any questions let me know!