You may think that Epsom campus misses out on all the fun stuff happening in City but there’s always something to amuse us Epsom students! 🙂

No matter how small the events are, they definitely act as motivation to get out of bed early in the morning.

Events! There’s always little activities popping up and they’re great for de-stressing. It’s nice because it’s small and rarely crowded here. There’s always plenty to go around and you don’t have to wait in queue for everything. The events aren’t normally very dramatic but they are always a pleasant surprise to see in between lectures. Also, whether you were aware of the event or not, you will unlikely miss out as everyone typically passes the same place on their way home.

This was at the beginning of Semester 2… A great surprise after class that I didn’t know of beforehand. Had some fun with my friends before heading home!

Free Soup Wednesdays (+ bread)!!

The only thing keeping me going for 9am lectures… And the bread they have is just amazing – quality bread!

MARKET DAY (The first at Epsom)

Apparently, this was the first market day at Epsom which was pretty exciting! There was some cool stuff to look at and try out which allowed us to make the best out of our cozy campus!


In between all these, there have been further smaller events going around Campus… such as Milo Monday and Easter hunt / colouring competition / chocolate in the library… the list goes on and on!

Definitely looking forward to future events on campus!!