The last week of University before mid-semester break is both a blessing and a curse. A blessing because it means you are so close to being free to do everything you normally do, but without the guilt and stress. A curse because it tends to be the busiest week of the semester. All the tests and assignments come at you at once and before you escape to freedom you have to deal with this first. But it is important to have a balance between your study and your enjoyment, which is what I’ve been attempting to do these past few weeks

The University Hall Ball!!

The ball was the social event of the year at High School and it was definitely something a lot of us counted down to. I thought that once I left school, that was it for balls and I wouldn’t go to one again. In reality, there are so many that you can attend at University. Whether it is your hall, faculty or AUSA ball, you can go!! What’s even better is that you can drink at them too, a new experience for me. I highly recommend at least attending one of these options, especially your hall ball. What’s better than partying with your friends, whilst looking fancy and leaving with 50 photo booth pictures?!

Law Revue

The school productions were also a highlight of my high school years. Unfortunately, I was never talented enough to be in them rip, but being an audience member can be just as good. Not seeing another production was also something I thought would become a reality upon I left high school. Once again I was wrong. The Law revue is like another version of a high school production. Except it has inside law jokes and humour your teachers wouldn’t approve of. It’s not just the law faculty who does this, but I have seen advertisements for an engineering and med revue too. I highly recommend going to one of these shows, it is a quality night off studying. (You may even be able to count it as studying very very loosely because you know Law Revue with law jokes and you may take law?)

Jono and Ben x2

The opportunity to be in the audience for a show you watched for years, free snacks, free alcohol and all for the price of $5, why would you not attend a filming of Jono and Ben. What’s even better is the location of the show is only a $7 Uber ride away! At the beginning of August, a bunch of us got tickets, went to the show, and had the time of our lives. Jono and Ben are real cool people and it was fascinating to see how the show was made and what happened behind the scenes. Plus, seeing a sneaky back of your head on TV is pretty cool! I thought the first time we went was the time of my life, but it got even better when we won a VIP package to go again. This time we won a whole cheese platter and got front row seats! Just shows that you can actually win things by commenting 50 times on Facebook posts.

This semester it was my goal to start exploring Auckland and doing more things! I wouldn’t say I have fully succeeded at this but I’m doing a whole lot better than I did last semester. There is so much to do here in your down time, or when you are procrastinating, something you can see for yourself this weekend with the open day!! I definitely recommend coming, even if you are positive you are coming to Auckland because it not only shows off the university but what lectures and your potential new home could be like.