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Welcome back to Part 3 of the Hall Tour Series, this week I’ll be covering the much-anticipated University Hall Towers (scroll down for video)!

Location 📍: 30 Whitaker Pl, Grafton, Auckland 1010

5-10 minute walk to city campus so quite close.

Circled is UHT and the star is where the majority of campus is around.

Capacity 🏠 : Being the largest hall at a capacity of 442 students, you’re bound to meet a bunch of new people and find a group of friends that you totally vibe with. A new face every day, it is highly possible that you won’t know everyone’s names by the end of the year, but the plus side is that there is will always be an opportunity to make new friends.

Room types 🛏️: All 442 rooms are single rooms. What’s great about University Hall Towers is that the ‘single rooms’ are probably the biggest out of all the halls. However, I will say that the corridor style of the rooms and thin walls makes your proximity to other people…quite close.

Catered/non-catered 🍽️: University Hall Towers is fully catered, Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner included Monday- Friday. Saturday and Sunday: Brunch and Dinner. All the halls are catered by Flame Tree Kitchen, so they get the same food (with a bit of variation in the packed lunches).

Cost per week 💰: One of the most expensive halls at $387, tied with the new Grafton Hall (which from the pictures, look fantastic!).

One of the best decorated rooms i’ve been in!

My first impression: University Hall Towers is without a doubt the most aesthetically pleasing hall and the higher price point definitely shows. The rooms themselves are also a bit bigger than the other halls (unless you get a large room in O’Rorke – they’re absolute massive). One also can say that University Hall Towers is a bit more academically focused, the facilities themselves reflect this as they have study pods on each floor, a silent study space, as well as a group study space, which is more than what the other halls have (usually just a single silent study space with the dining hall acting as a group study space). Other than that, I would definitely recommend you check out UHT as it, undeniably, looks fantastic!



Lastly, a MASSIVE thanks to my friend glucoseguardian & cool anon #1 (don’t ask, they made these names up themselves) for showing me around 💖

For more information on University Hall Towers: https://www.auckland.ac.nz/en/on-campus/accommodation/university-accommodation/catered-accommodation/university-hall-towers.html

Please only use this post as a general guide! There will be hall tours conducted during Courses and Careers Day on the 25th of August 2018, where you will get the chance to visit the hall itself. If you can’t make it, there are details of private halls tours as well as more information at: https://www.auckland.ac.nz/en/on-campus/accommodation/university-accommodation/catered-accommodation/halls-of-residence-general-information.html

Disclaimer: This whole review is based off a single visit to a section of the residence on a specific date. There will almost certainly be aspects and conditions of the hall that I could not capture in this post/in the video, as well as possible changes to this residence in the future.

Remember! Applications open 1 August. Deadline is 30 September for first offers.

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