So I may have complained a tad (if not a lot) about the lack of food options on campus but little did I know…

Mount Eden Village is a lovely place. Filled with A LOT of restaurants and quality outlets… you’ll be wondering how long it will take you to try out each of these places! The walk from campus is about 10 minutes (more or less) and if you’re lucky, you’re pretty much guaranteed to catch a glimpse of a few dogs on your way (specifically right before you reach the intersection)! 😉


Beautiful interior… lots of plants and walls literally looking a bit like a garden shed with shovels hanging off walls…


It’s quite a maze inside… lots of different places to choose to sit. I loved the food and the proportion was average 🙂 It has a great interior and the staff are super friendly!


You all know Sal’s… Must I say more? My friends ordered these and although I haven’t tried it, they looked good and apparently they WERE good… So I’ll take their word for it!


Food tasted great (!!) and all… but definitely not the best place if you’re looking at saving money… They make their pasta from scratch which is fun to watch though! They have a wide selection of pasta though so if you love pasta like me, you may want to visit one time!

Paris Mt Eden Bakery

Super affordable with a wide selection of desserts! Sandwiches are also of a decent price… Haven’t tasted them though – but they look great!

CAMPUS CAFE – The Quad Cafe

City campus has this cafe too and it’s great that Epsom is not being left out! This is a meetup place for lots of people in the cold mornings to warm up with a cup of coffee or hot chocolate, yum! There are also sofas for comfort and board games for entertainment… Perfect for any time of any day.

VENDING MACHINES (A lot of them too)

Now there are a lot of vending machines on campus (library, student commons & N block – what I know of) which holds a variety of meals and snacks including lasagna, ice block, cheese & crackers, chocolate, ginger beer (YUM!), energy drinks… and so on! The selection is quite big so you’ll always have something to snack on!

That’s me for now. The food adventure hasn’t quite ended yet though and I’ll be on the lookout for more food!