The last few weeks have been nothing but beautiful walking to campus. The pink flowers bloomed so passionately and I honestly thought that I was in Japan. They’re slowly returning back to their green nature but I now know there’s something to look forward to for next year!

Language Experience Day

For part of our assignment, we had to go to a primary school nearby to run a short session for language and literacy. I decided to do mine on sensory bottles and the children loved it! They especially loved making theirs and also, loved taking my pre-made bottles away with them! Preparing for the lesson was slightly hectic, trying to make sure I got all the supplies as well as thinking about safety/hazard issues that may arise and accommodating for them. The smiles on their faces and the level of satisfaction they gave me made the wet morning walk worth it!

Perhaps the best course?!

As part of my degree, there is an Arts paper we have to do which is about 4~5 workshops on all the different strands which are visual arts, music, drama,¬†and dance. I recently finished my visual art lessons and wow, it was probably the most fun I’ve had so far! It was cool seeing everyone’s artworks come together as a whole, complimenting each other through their unique styles.

Outside of Education…

I recently signed up for the Unleash Space which is an innovative area for students to basically grow their ideas! I completed my compulsory quiz and booked myself for an orientation and it was pretty amazing in there! I feel like I could spend a whole day (well, realistically, more days) just trying out their new equipment! There was also a 3D printed violin on display that someone had made which was soo cool! A fellow orientation attendant tried playing it and it sounded pretty much like the real thing. Although I haven’t been able to start any projects or book myself for any training sessions, it is definitely something I will think about next year!

Until next time!