Here we have it- ‘A Day in the Life of a Biomed’
The video to answer all you ever wanted to know about how Biomed students live (kinda, but not really).

Sure, this mightn’t be a day that represents the entire 2018 First Year Biomed Cohort but here’s an example of how a typical day might run in the weeks leading up to the final exams of the year (hence, the decent blocks of study).I gotta admit, that earlier on in the semester that didn’t have the looming thunderclouds of exams on the horizon, I was nowhere near as studious as I might seem in this clip. There were many more opportunities for yarns, onzos, walks and freetime.

It doesn’t quite capture the many social interactions during and after mealtimes or chats between lectures¬† and various other chilled aspects of the day, but apart from that, it’s a short two minute summary of a classic weekday.

Hope you enjoy!