Hey guys! Long time no see! Thought, I might pop in this quick post before exams because I know first year hall offers have gone out, and it can be a scary thing!

If you didn’t know before, I got rejected from UHT. And honestly. It was probably one of the greatest things that has happened to me.

I mean, I literally get to relive my childhood and have a sleepover….

First things first. CONGRATS!!! If you made it into your chosen hall, that’s really great! Sit back, relax (short-ish) now it’s all about making that rank score. But if things didn’t go so well, either you’ve been offered an alternative hall or waitlist, then don’t worry!

Courtesy of the chch art gallery

When I got my rejection letter, I’ll admit I was really, really heartbroken. I had gone to open day, and had my heart set on UHT. I decided to go onto the waitlist for O’Rorke, because well, frankly, I just wanted to get into a hall (and O’Rorke seemed pretty cool, because of the history and culture and all that). -> If you made it onto the waitlist, congrats! From experience, and listening to all my friends, if you got onto waitlist you’re pretty much guaranteed of getting into that hall. Heaps of people reject their offers, so I recon you’re probably in the clear. People will tell you that you won’t get in off the waitlist, but…. it’s called a waitlist for a reason πŸ˜‰

You’re probably going to be spending more time in the library and outside than in the hall hehe

Now, if you got offered into another hall, you have some options. You can either accept that offer (all the halls are pretty much the same, it’s really about the location which would probably be the deciding factor). Grafton hall looks really nice, because it’s next to the Med School (so you could probably hijack the library….) and serves as extra motivation? It’s also brand new, which certainly helps πŸ˜‰ Also just wanna say, Grafton hall is only around 5-10 minutes further than the other halls. It’s really not that far, and it’s pretty close to food places (like Subway and some nice cafe’s).

The study room which UHT AND UHA get to share!

You can however, also choose to go onto the waitlist for another hall, which is what I chose to do. In fact, I actually swapped waitlists twice, from O’Rorke to University Hall Apartments. It was a great decision, because even if I didn’t make it into towers, I still really liked the environment there and the location. The rooms in UHA were also really nice too, because they had been newly renovated or something, and it’s more quiet and homely.

with friends from UH πŸ™‚

So, if you didn’t get into where you wanted to get into. That’s ok! Do NOT let this be a deciding factor about which university you’re going into. Because, you’re actually just going to be living in this place for one year (not even a whole year, like 42 weeks?). You still have plenty of options, and you will still get accommodation! (Pray for us second years, who didn’t get into a self-catered residence, and are facing theΒ dilemma of having to go flatting…. in Auckland. Just like you guys, we’re still waiting for offers to come out for us too :'( ).

Peaceout ✌🏼 Lily