I always thought that practicum was SO far ahead of me but it actually came so quick! Practicum, for us, is an opportunity for students studying teaching to go into classrooms to act as student teachers… and surely we’ve all seen or had one in our class during school!

My last week leading up to it did build up to a mixture of emotions; I was excited to see my new entrance students again but sad as I wouldn’t be able to see any of my friends for quite some time. I was looking forward to learning new skills but at the same time, overwhelmed by the amount of preparation and requirements that hovered above with intimidation. I was curious as to how much I would develop by the end of practicum but nervous as I was being assessed. It was definitely going to be the toughest and longest assessment yet.

None-the-less, I went back and just seeing the children in my new entrants class vanished all of my worries and all I could think of was that…

It was good to be back!


My first week took a lot of adjusting and remembering new faces. I had been in the same class for 2 weeks back in semester one and to my slight disappointment, the children could not remember me when I came back. But to be fair, it had been half a year. From day one, I was allocated a reading group to take during my time here so I was straight into it. By day two, I was planning art and writing lessons. I was naturally a little bit nervous knowing that whilst I was taking the lessons, I had an experienced teacher watching and taking notes during my teaching but strangely enough, I wasn’t close to as worried as I thought I would be!

Being back in primary school meant that I did some traditional activities that we all did as a kid. It felt like such a throwback to be involved in doing the Jump Jam!

I’m not sure if this is how all teachers feel but one thing I found myself feeling was during assemblies, my eyes were always on the children of my class and they all just looked like such angels to me. I felt like I had the best class in the world!!

It’s quite amazing how we’re put in classrooms from the first year. I don’t think there are many degrees that offer such practical opportunities in real environments so soon into the degree but it’s definitely the most effective way to learn and adapt for teaching.

My first 2 weeks of practicum were amazing… but that didn’t stop me from looking forward to my mid-semester break to see my friends and save myself from early mornings! Time to get the best of both worlds!