I’ve never been that person who embraces the idea of change. I know it is inevitable, yet I actively try and avoid it. The reason I try and avoid it is because I fear the incredible times and experiences I have had will never be topped. The biggest change I had experienced up until now was the move from Napier to Auckland, from High School to University and being dependent to independent. For months I dreaded this as it was about to change everything I had ever known. However, this change brought me the best year of my life. The first year of university had been described to me as being “the time of your life”, “where you will find yourself and make the best memories” and “create lifelong friendships.” Therefore, I had high expectations of what this year would bring and a list of things I wanted to accomplish. I can honestly say this year trumped anything I ever imagined, and I had nothing to truly worry about. As I am sitting in the room I grew up in back in Napier, and about to live with my parents for 3 months, that feeling of dread in regard to change has once again kicked in. Knowing I won’t be returning to that corner room with the best view on the coolest floor imaginable in a bright orange hall of over 500 people is a sad thought. But just like the last big change in my life that I dreaded, everything will work out in the end and maybe 2019 will replace 2018 as the best year of my life.

Where I am living next year will be changing but not insanely. Instead of living in University hall, which played a huge part in creating the best year, I will be living in the second-year residence of Carlaw which I’m excited for. This year Uni Hall created an environment that helped me create life-long friends, be supported by a pretty cool RA (shout out to Tayla), attend cool events, have my own home away from home, and an easy walk to town and back, oh and a 5-minute walk to lectures when I actually went. Once again, if you can go into a hall, do it because the year wouldn’t have been the same. (Put uni hall as your first choice because duh).

The biggest shout out goes to my friends and those who have played a role in making the year what it was. The fear of not making friends is the thing that everyone going into uni is scared about. I was so lucky to meet the people I did and that they were always keen for both adventures and a good time as well as being supportive and motivating. As cringe as it sounds, I miss them already (lol) and I can’t wait for the rest of the years at uni with them, and probably just life in general because they are cool enough that I want them to stick around.

The whole reason I went to uni was obviously to get a degree, and even though I have gotten so much more out of the year, the whole academic side of things went pretty successfully too. I always knew I wanted to do law but had no actual understanding of what it entailed or if it would be something I enjoyed or was good at. This year confirmed that it is definitely something I want to continue with so fingers crossed that on December 21stI will be receiving the good news of getting in to part two. If not, what uni has also taught me is that one bump in the road is not going to ruin your life and there are always alternatives.

Looking back on first year brings a few tears, only happy though. I will thoroughly miss everything that happened and everyone that was part of it, but what I keep telling myself is that this is only a taster of what is to come. I am so glad that you all got to experience this year with me and I am hoping that you learnt something useful, are feeling more confident in the year you have ahead and are now ready to experience what I think will also be the best year of your life!! Just embrace everything that comes at you and don’t let anything stop you from creating lifelong memories.

Much love and good luck
Amy xx

P.S my last tip (and probably the one I think is the best) is to download the app one second a day. It may cost $7 but it was the best investment I’ve made this year. You record a second from each day and it turns it all into a video of your year. I did it and it is the coolest thing I’ve done and a good way to keep track of all your memories.