Hello hello! Welcome friends, to what will probably be my last Inside Word blog post 😭.

*looks around*

Wait. Lean in a bit closer. I have a secret to tell you.

I spent days trying to think of an interesting opening to my last blog post (!) but gave up and settled on an obscure throw back to my first (https://www.theinsideword.ac.nz/2018/02/the-introverts-guide-to-oweek/)

What an anti-climax right? 😂

Re-reading my first blog brought back all the emotions I felt about starting university. The young-and-full-of-energy, February-2018 me had just moved in. In the blink of an eye, the older-and-not-necessarily-wiser November 2018 me is moving out.

I feel like batman without his cave.

Today was moving day and strangely enough, I realised I’m not a sappy goodbye person.
… Wait. Cecilia? Not sappy? That’s an oxymoron if I’ve ever seen one. I’ll let you in on my secret to goodbyes: not saying them.

I firmly believe that unless you’re moving to another country, or if by some strange circumstance you’ll be separated from another person for more than a month without social media contact, there’s really no need for goodbyes. If a person means enough to you, and if you mean enough to them, you will find a way to keep in touch (…aaand sappy Cecilia is back!).

I’m not crying, you’re crying.

At the end of the day, especially with the sheer population of university, good friends are like rare Pokémons, it’s up to you to decide who to keep in your life. Haven’t heard from someone in a while? Flick them a message, check in and ask how they’re going, better yet, flick them a meme to show that you’re thinking of them.🤗 They’ll appreciate it. Trust me.

It’s harder with a blog. Even though I haven’t met you guys in real life, it’s been a real pleasure writing posts for you! I’ve gotten into the habit of taking photos of everything just for the sake of visuals (which I’m not sure if you have noticed but they don’t always match my content…😅), brainstorming blog ideas when I should be studying, and stressing about them at random times like 1am the day before an exam.

If you’re considering becoming a blogger next year I would definitely, definitely recommend going for it! If you’re studying for a degree like engineering, it’s a good way to keep yourself from slipping into a state of writing sentences consisting of 20% technical jargon and 80% barely understandable text speak. Being a blogger could also open doors into other opportunities like creating content for UoA’s social media channels (which I would love, love, love to continue doing next year!). You also get paid a respectable wage per post, enough to sustain a few midnight sensash runs and keep the snack cupboard stocked 😉. Applications open around December (If I remember correctly…?), so give it your best shot and I hope to be reading your blogs next year!

Aaaand I guess this is it. I’ll spare you the cheesy ending and leave this obscure meme here. It conveys everything I want to say.

For the last time x