Hello, remember me? Probably not.

After writing for The Inside Word back in 2017, then contributing to their Instagram last year, I am back and ready to do it ALL over again.

This time I write to you as not only a third year student, but a Resident Advisor for a first year hall of residence, an Officer for AUSA and a President of a club. Sounds like I have my fingers in many pies but this is all part of me trying to make the most of my time left here at UoA before… you know… life hits.

Coming back to writing after a year of trying to find the motivation to pursue my own writing, failing, I’m glad to be back to tell you about my experiences. Much has changed since I signed off in 2017 but I look forward to the contrast in experiences as I no longer live in the ‘year of firsts’ but get to have a first hand account of my residents living through that.

The one thing I was most worried about coming back is since I am now in my third year, I am desensitized to Uni. In my first year, things like Orientation Week were overwhelming. In all honesty, I spent this orientation either doing hall events, working the AUSA stall or in bed sick, I cannot say the spark of O-Week wasn’t exactly shining through for me then. Don’t get me wrong, I took satisfaction giving the first years the experience that I had once had, but for myself, my own take on orientation as a student? Slightly bland.

I understand that life is what you make it but I think Uni like many things in life just become mundane after a while, and I think I am ok with that. I come to Uni to be captivated by the content of lectures not caught up in the line for Tank. There are many events that I definitely think benefit students in the ways of networking, learning about their area of study in the workplace, but that stuff almost feels underrated to the plethora of social events that cover notice walls and social media outlets.

I am sounding like a terrible pessimist and I have to clarify that I truly love being a student and everything it entails, I just feel that the newness of what uni was back in my first days is most definitely gone and uni is more just like my hobby, I don’t think my eyes have been opened to anything new just yet at uni but I may leave that as a challenge for myself. What can I discover over the coming weeks that I once never knew existed?

If you have any quirky hacks on campus that you think will brighten my view of uni I would encourage you to comment them below so I can discover them for myself!

Hakuna Matata and Happy Studying.