Welcome back! I struggle to believe that we are already six weeks back into uni! Time has once again, flown…

As my flatmate, Eva, and I were sitting on the sofa in our flat in Carlaw Park Student Village last night, we spent a fair bit of time reflecting on the things that we wish we had known before we moved into a flat. Flatting is very different from the first year hall of residence experience as it introduces a lot more independence. One of the areas that we have really grown in is how to have a healthy diet on a student budget and what things we should have as staples in our pantry. It is very easy to splurge on expensive/nicer foods in the first couple of weeks only to find that later down the line we are faced with an empty cupboard and less money! We have finally come to find a balance between pantry essentials and treats so that is what I will be sharing with you in this post! That being said, the best way to learn is through experience and different methods work better for different people.

(PS. This is my first video post and I am far from being a BBC presenter so please excuse the very “home video” style of filming!)


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