Hi guys,

So I’ve been off procrastinating researching what video ideas to do for you guys and I stumbled upon the instagram page ‘munchyreviews’ which, as the title suggests, reviews food from the famed campus convenience store, ‘Munchy Mart’. I guess you could say this video was a result of a) me being a fan of munchyreviews (I love eating vicariously through others) and b) me living out my dreams as a mukbang/ASMR YouTuber (again, the vicarious eating).

Without further ado:

I tried to make it so that I got something from each category, drink, snack and sweets. Overall this meal cost me $10.3 (oof).

A & W Cream Soda: $2
Lays Peach Flavour Chips: $3.80
Sour Patch Kids: $4.50

Until next time,