So, time for a life update: morning classes suck, kale smoothies are a great pick-me-up, hall food is actually pretty good and flatmates are awesome. University is definitely easier than high school for anyone wondering. I didn’t actually believe that it was true until I got up at 7 am three consecutive mornings to make it to 8 am classes in time, because I realized I really enjoyed them and didn’t want to miss a thing. This first semester has completely changed my expectations of university,
I’ve learned so much, so here are the top revelations I have had during my first ever university experience!

Revelation numero uno: when people say morning classes suck THEY ARE NOT LYING. Like really, truly I wish I had chosen afternoon classes. Throughout high school, I always had morning training before school for various sports that meant an early wake-up. So when I was organizing the semester timetable I thought ‘yeah, for sure waking up at 7 or 8 in the morning for a class on foundations of western politics and law is a fabulous decision. Piece. Of. Cake’. I have never been more wrong in my entire life. Like, for me, it was a really bad decision. Your lifestyle at university is going to be a lot different from your lifestyle at high school. And when you’ve been out studying until 3 in the morning (or ya know, not studying) it’s super not ideal to have to get up a few hours later and be awake enough to pay attention in class. Especially if you have a lecturer who talks obscenely fast. So for sure, the one thing I have made sure to do next semester is to arrange my timetable so that I can attend afternoon classes or at least classes that don’t start at 8 in the morning.

Revelation numero uno and a half: also unless you have to go to a different campus five minutes is PLENTY of time to get between your classes. You don’t need to leave an hour gap in between classes because you are worried you might be late. I made that mistake and now on Monday I have 4 classes all spaced out by an hour because I thought I wouldn’t be able to make it to the next class in time. You have ten minutes between each class to move lecture halls. Most facilities in the city campus aren’t more than 8 minutes from each other. If you still think you can’t make it then I mean, that’s what limes are for right?

Revelation number two: Hall food is not that bad. Like it’s actually pretty good. Some of my favorites are butter chicken and roti, nachos and guac, or everyone’s favorite: burgers and chips 😍🍔🍟. There’s lot’s of healthy options, unless its the holidays and there isn’t a lot of people still in halls then you have two full salad bars, plus two of those cool hotel toasters that roll the toast around on that conveyor belt thingy until it pops out at the bottom, and always big bowls of fruit. The vegan options are a bit hit and miss, either they’re fantastic and my friends go back for seconds, or they’re terrible and I amuse myself by listening to them complain about the consistency of gnocchi. Long story short, unless you’re a super picky eater (and no hate if you are we’ve all been there) then you’re probably going to really enjoy accommodation food. Obviously, there will be some meals that aren’t your favorite, but if that happens you just make some popcorn and a smoothie and chill in your room (like I’m currently doing atm).

Revelation number 3: Join a sport or a club or something! If you’re staying in the halls then it’s nice to have something to do outside of hall activities and friend groups. If you’re not planning on staying in halls then it’s a cool way to meet new people and be involved in university life! I loved joining a sports team, and it meant that I was doing more than just studying and hanging out with my flatmates (not that I don’t love that but sometimes a girl has gotta change it up a bit). Plus, endorphins are good for you, and sports are fun. If you’re not a fan of sports or just exercise in general (fat mood right now) then there’s always different clubs or societies within different faculties you can join. The history society throws regular (pretty cool) historical pub quizzes, my friend recently went to a Disney pub quiz, which has nothing to do with the major he’s studying, but I guess engineers have to be able to let off steam too. Point is, clubs and sports and societies are fun. There are a million different things you can join, and if you don’t know what to do there’s always the club expo in O week.

Revelation number 3 and a half: If you are thinking of joining something you might want to look at the universities events page before Uni, or the club expo, start. Some sports and societies get started super early, like Waka Ama, and you actually have to apply before the semester begins. Also, it’s nice to know what your options are. On a side note, if you are staying at the halls you get a ticket to the toga party provided to you by accommodation, like don’t stress when they sell out in like two mins cause it’s all good, you’ll get a ticket before the big event.

Revelation #4: People at uni are cool. Like I don’t know if it’s the new environment, people getting some freedom from living at home with their parents, or if every person I’ve met so far has been extremely chill but people at uni are pretty content to just go with the flow and see what happens. There’s definitely less drama than at high school, and everyone is super open and ready for a good time. Also, most people are millennials or gen z kids. I have met some pretty cool people at uni, and enjoy the fact that I can be friends with whoever I want. Not just people I’m in class with. And that’s the end of everything I have learned during my first semester at uni. Not just because that’s most of what I’ve learned but because this post is getting a little long and my popcorn has gone cold, so now it just tastes like soggy corn so I’m now off to scavenge in the pantry for chocolate and such. So ciao for now – Beth xx