For most year 13’s, you’ll finish your exams mid November to early Dec. This means that you have literally 3-4 months before you have to spend your nights studying the difference between a state and government ( @politics106 aren’t they the same?!?! ). Think of this coming up summer as your last summer of freedom before your adult life begins. There’s a lot of different things you should do, some are boring but super helpful, and some are fun!

#1: Go on a road trip with your friends

I know this is super cliche, but these people that you see every day? Most will be going to different universities across the country, and with everything that’s going to be happening in your first year of uni it is super hard to keep up with everyone. Spend this last summer making memories with the people who have made your high school experience fabulous! Surely one of you has their full license by now (not that I can talk). It doesn’t have to be super long, maybe just a weekend trip to someone’s batch, or camping for a few days in the middle of nowhere. It’s not the place or the length of time, but rather the people you take with you who will make memories with you that you’ll never forget.

#2: Get a job

Do something productive!!! If you are struggling to get a job, Pizza Hut is always hiring, so is McDonalds. They’re not super glamorous but they’re good stable jobs that will actually generate a lot of money. If you live in Auckland I would try and get a job with Auckland council. I work as a swim instructor for council and the starting wage is the living wage, which has just risen this year to around $19. Two bucks above min wage. It doesn’t sound like a lot, but when that $380 a week rent payment rolls around I promise it will be worth any money you manage to save.

#3: Make a Uni packing list

There are a thousand and one things to do before moving into a uni hall, and it’s nice to check stuff off a list so that you make sure you don’t forget anything. It’s also helpful to figure out if you need to buy anything that you might not realise you don’t have.

#4: Organise and spring clean EVERYTHING

That goes for social media as well. Clean up your instagram, facebook page, desktop, and closet. It’s time for a new phase of your life, start it with a clean slate!

#5: Learn those important life skills you are now going to have to do for yourself

There’s a guy on my floor who sends his washing home to his mum every time he needs something cleaned. Don’t be that guy. Get your mum or dad to show you how to work a washing machine, dryer, vacuum cleaner, laptop, anything that you will now have to do for yourself that you didn’t already know how to do before.

#6: Figure out your classes

Go online and read through all the classes you are enrolling in. Figure out if you need any books or particular stationary (like a scientific calculator). See if you can find out if you know anyone who will be in your classes. Work out the name of your tutor and lecturer and set out a schedule for studying.

#7: Download a budgeting app

So I know the stereotype of being a broke uni student has been romanticized a little bit but it sucks. It’s a lot easier to manage your money if you can see where it is going, and work out how much you need to save for rent, uni fees, or… ya know uber eats.

#8: Go to the doctor, dentist etc

Do all your check ups. ESPECIALLY THE DENTIST. Fam, once you get above the age of 18 the dentist is not free. When you are under the age of 18 you get a free dental check up once a year, once you hit Uni it becomes the dreaded once a year check up where you save all your money for weeks and then pray that there’s nothing wrong with your teeth. Also go visit your doctor, you’ll probably want to register with the uni doctor because students get discounts, so it’s a lot cheaper than other doctors. If you are on any sort of medication you should have a discussion with your doctor about transferring records and getting medical notes signed to make the transition to the uni doctors easier. Although if you live in Auckland and want to stay with your current doctor that’s also cool too!

#9: Make a university pinterest board.

Fill it up with goals for the year, dorm room decor, health tips and study hacks. It will definitely help with any stress about the coming year, and is also super exciting!

#10: Last but not least, spend time with your family.

Even if your not moving away from home, uni takes up a lot of time, and partying takes up even more of it 😉 spend quality time with your family during the summer so that you are fully ready to throw yourself into uni student life. If you’re moving away from home, take lots of photos and make lots of memories. Also, don’t forget to take a photo of your cat or dog. You’d be surprised how much you will miss them.

So make some fun plans for your last summer before uni, don’t stress, and try and be as prepared as possible! 😊