So the open day for first-year halls at Auckland uni is coming up fast, and it can be super daunting trying to decide where you want to live. Whether you are an Aucklander looking to move out of your parent’s house, or an out of towner trying to decide where to stay, it’s still a huge choice to make. I live in the uni hall apartments, and trying to figure out what I needed to take with me was a complete nightmare. I literally forgot to bring sheets, like don’t ask me how but we managed to leave an entire set of sheets at home. I also didn’t think about bringing any pins for the pinboard. The easiest way to decorate your room is to cover your pinboard with photos of family and friends. There’s a lot of stuff you don’t think about. So here I have created a detailed list of everything you should try and remember to take to uni! Bear in mind everyone is different and will want different things, but this should cover at least the basic essentials:)

First off, the bed:

  • Duvet, duvet cover and bed sheets., you may want to bring two sets. One of a lighter, thinner material for summer. And some flannelette sheets for winter.
  • Pillows and pillow cases.
  • A mattress protector – most halls will supply you with a new mattress protector when you arrive. But if you want to bring your own then that’s cool too.
  • A blanket
  • A door stopper, if you are someone who loves to socialise then this is a must. If you are someone who hates to socialise then this is DEFINITELY a must. Having the door open, at least in the first few weeks forces you to become friends with everyone who walks past. It’s also very welcoming to anyone who might want to be your friend!

Cutlery and crockery:

So most halls will give you access to a kitchen type area. I know for certain that at uni hall towers you have access to a small fridge, kettle, and microwave. However that’s it, so you pretty much only need the basics for making a cup of tea at night or a plate if you want to reheat some takeaways. If you think you will want to use any sort of cutlery or crockery during the year please God bring your own stuff. In the first semester we were charged $4432.03 communally for missing flametree ( the catering company) items like plates, cups, knives or forks. Individually this was only about $8 but, I mean that’s $8 less uber eats.

  • mug
  • plate/bowl
  • basic cutlery

Cleaning and organizing:

  • Baby wipes
  • Dustpan and brush – this is good to keep in your room.
  • Coat-hangers – I think you can get like ten for $7 from the warehouse
  • Laundry bag or bin, bare in mind you will have to carry all your clothes to the washing machines so don’t choose something that is hard to carry.
  • Storage boxes, empty shoe boxes or spare suitcases – great for storage under your bed, or on top of your wardrobe!
  • Label maker
  • Storage drawers, so you can get little sets of plastic storage drawers from the warehouse which are super helpful for your desk and wardrobe.
  • Washing powder for your clothes

Tech stuff:

  • A laptop – this one’s kind of obvious.
  • A tablet – lot’s of my friends actually forego taking their laptops to class and bring their tablets or ipad instead
  • An HDMI cable. Depending on your accommodation you may not have great access to a TV, but it’s still handy to have an HDMI cable if you do have access and want to watch a movie.
  • Charging cables. If you have a lot of charging cables for speakers, phone, lptops, ipad, tablet, gopro ect. then i would buy a good labeling machine and label each one before arrival. Sounds extra but it is actually so helpful.


So im sure that most people look to pinterest for room decor inspiration, but here are the basics that you definitely shouldn’t forget.

  • Desk lamp
  • Pictures, posters and knick-knacks from home
  • A mirror.
  • Cushions, your bed can double-up as a sofa with the help of a few cushions and a throw.
  • Pins, for the pinboard
  • Fairy lights
  • Books
  • Posters (real groovy on queen street has these cool huge A2 posters that honestly look fabulous)


  • Two towels
  • Flip flops if you don’t like walking around barefoot in the communal bathrooms
  • Obvious personal stuff like make up and hair accessories/gel/razors/soap
  • Toothbrush and toothpaste
  • Ladies, don’t forget tampons or pads. You can be surprised at any moment and your first week at uni is not a good place to be caught off guard, if ya catch my meaning.
  • Shampoo and conditioner

That’s pretty much everything I can think of. Don’t forget a pack of cards against humanity. Or uno. There’s no better way to make friends then starting a game of cards or monopoly!