Last semester I had some obvious goals in mind, but because I never wrote them down anywhere specifically I completely forgot in the blur of my first sem at uni. It’s super important to have a list of things to aim for and goals in mind, something to aim for and work towards. It’s also nice to know that you’ve achieved everything you wanted to at the start of the semester:)

1. Get straight A’s

As goals go this one’s pretty straightforward. Last semester wasn’t too bad, but I feel like now I’ve settled in at Uni there’s no real excuse to not work super hard and get good grades! Plus the general happy feeling that you get after receiving a good grade is the best feeling in the world.

2. Go to the gym twice a week.

So today I went down to the les mills gym and enrolled to become a member. As a student living at the halls I get access to the uni gym for free, but I love les mills and the classes they offer are awesome! It’s around $100 for twelve months multi-gym membership, on a tertiary discount but is so worth it. Last semester I got super caught up in study and partying so I didn’t go to the gym a whole lot, my goal for this semester is to go to the gym at least twice a week. And try as many new classes as I can!

3. Wake up before 8:30

IF I COULD DO IT IN HIGH SCHOOL I CAN DO IT NOW. When your first class doesn’t start till 10 it’s super easy to sleep in till 9:45 and not do anything all morning. Which sounds fabulous but gets boring after a while. Getting up early in the morning and having breakfast and feeling fully ready for the day is a fabulous way to start any day at uni, especially if it’s a Monday. At the start of the year we used to get up at around 6:30 and go up to the top of towers to watch the sunrise over the city. Because of daylight savings the sunrise became too early for us to do it, but now that its winter and the sun isn’t rising till about 6:45 there’s a bit more time for us to go watch the sun come up over the city.

4. Book a plane ticket

I’ve been intending on planning another trip since I came back from Europe the last Christmas, so my goal this sem is to stop messing around and book a ticket somewhere! It’s so much fun setting out on a new adventure, so booking a new adventure this semester is an important goal.

5. Read ten new books

This is slightly easier now that I am taking English 102, but I remember reading a ton when I was little, and there’s some really good second-hand bookshops in the city. English 102 is the study of seduction and betrayal in the great books, and is motivating me to read so much. It’s a really cool course!

6. Go on a birthday road trip

Okay I have never been on a road trip properly. Like by myself with friends. And I have always wanted to go on one, so this year because my bday is close to the mid-semester break I’m aiming to take some friends and take an amazing road trip somewhere.

7. Join a student club

So I did join the history society last semester and while that was fun I’m not actually taking history this semester so I feel like I need to join something new. Clubs Expo is this week so I’m going to walk around and see what there is to join. being a part of a club is super fun and an awesome experience.

8. Learn Te Reo and Espanol

I want to learn Te Reo Maori and Espanol this semester, I love languages. Te Reo I want to learn because my family is Maori, and Espanol because the language is very similar to Italian so it shouldn’t be too hard to learn.

9. Spend more time with the Fam

I am from Auckland so I have no excuse to not spend time with my family. They work in the city and live out at one of the west coast beaches so I am aiming to spend a lot more time with them. Partying with friends and studying for papers is important, but so’s family!

And those are my goals for this semester! I know that I might not actually complete everything, but I’ll give it a go, and try and have a really good semester!