As an anxious student in my final year with a few options for the upcoming year, I found looking at images of facilities and brief description on course outlines not so convincing for my decision making. That’s when open days come in handy. Personally, I was deciding between UoA and AUT. The two usually have their open days on the same day. Needless to say it was the perfect opportunity for me to actually be on campus and see/feel/understand the facilities offered by both institutions. Open days are dedicated to students’ decision making. They play a huge part in helping you choose the best option for you. And here’s why:

1.Come find out what actually goes on in your prospective degree

It’s definitely helpful to have lecturers explain in person how your degree of interest is structured. Whether you have doubts or questions regarding your options, or debating between them. Open day is the day to settle things. This day is for YOU as a prospective student. All tutors, students, and lecturers on this day are dedicated to help you. To answer your questions, small or big. Don’t waste this opportunity!

  1. See for yourself

Like I mentioned from my own experience, it is so crucial to explore the facilities and spaces where you’re about to spend the next stage in your life. Whether it’s halls of residence, lecture theatres or studios. Actually being in the space and environment, or just walking around campus can really help you determine if you’re making the right personal decision!

  1. Get the vibe

I’m not joking, the feel you get from a university is so important for your academic decision making, and your progression to the university you would later choose. It was, at least, for me. Having been in both AUT and Elam’s studio spaces on the same day — the decision suddenly reached clarity for me — I resonated with Elam more. No matter where you choose to study, if you fit in well and enjoy being in the environment, chances are you are set for a successful academic life.

Check out the open day schedule here.