We are less than 2 weeks out from the competition in Hawaii, and our team are preparing well. We managed to string together two 10km water trainings last Thursday, which was a bonus as the unpredictable weather has made it difficult for us to get out on the water. Our run from Thursday morning can be seen tracked by GPS on the map, where we paddled around the coast of Central Auckland. Two days earlier, on Tuesday, we pumped out two gym sessions at the University Gym where we worked on reducing muscle fatigue, and continuing to work hard once fatigue sets in. At this point dedication is key for us, as we rely on everyone showing up at training to utilise water trainings when it’s flat enough. Our timing as a crew, and consistency with technique are our key areas of improvement for the next week before heading to Hawaii.

Kapa Haka

In Hawaii, our crew are performing in front of other competitors at the international paddlers night performances. Our team is made up of students from a diverse range of cultural backgrounds including Māori, Samoan, Rarotongan, and Pākehā. Expressing ourselves through Kapa Haka is an exciting opportunity to showcase our unique New Zealand roots and demonstrate the team culture we have built together. Learning and teaching Kapa Haka together has been a fun exercise where the crew have been enthusiastic and committed. We will all take much pride in our performance on the night. 

The Haka – Tau Ka Tau. This will be led by myself (Liam Gilheany-Black).

The Waiata-a-ringa – Tamaki E (Te Iwi E). This will be led by our Rarotangan Maui Jordan Te Aukura.

Written by Liam Gilheany-Black