One thing that i didn’t realise was going to be such a big deal this year was what to do between classes. For me this is less of a big deal because I live on campus, so if I have a huge break between classes I will just go back to the dorms. However if the break is only an hour, or if you are someone who doesn’t live on campus and can’t just go home between classes, then it can get a little boring just hanging around campus waiting for classes to start. Also sometimes if you have nothing to do, you might end up skipping lectures and just going home rather than hanging around. So here are my top 6 things to do in between classes at uni!

Number 1:

Go to the movies with a friend! This is kind of out of the blue and a bit random, but if you have a two or three hour long gap then take off and catch a quick movie, especially in winter when the weather is terrible. Lots of the cinemas have student deals so you can get cheap movie tickets, and it’s a super fun way to pass the time, and you could also grab a friend and go with them! I’ve done this a few times and it’s actually super fun and tends to break up the day quite a bit, which is nice and relaxing.

Number 2:

Go to the gym. Unless you’re a gym junkie then this one is less fun, but is definitely a good way to fill an hour long gap between classes. You can just go do your own workout, or take one of the classes at the uni gym! I go to the Les mills gym down at Britomart and the classes are 30 mins – an hour, so are perfect if I want a break in between classes. They can also help to wake you up, and of course get in that daily workout 😉

Number 3:

Go to office hours. Each lecturer has office hours, and most tutors do as well, so if you are struggling with anything in the class then it is a good time to go see if you can catch up or figure out what is going on. It’s also a good way for your lecturer to learn who you are, and it’s way better to ask the hard questions in person during the semester rather than at 12am the night before the big exam.

Number 4:

Organise your planner / do admin stuff. The spare hour or two between classes is a good time to sit down and organise your week! Go through your email and answer / send any important messages, and then check to make sure you are on top of all your events and assignments for the week. Being completely organised is a good way to stay stress free during the semester!

Number 5:

Meet up with a friend! You could go to a study group, hang out with someone from your lecture, or text your flatmate and meet up for lunch:) Hanging out with friends in between classes is a fabulous way to break up the day and have some fun! You could check out what the tank smoothie of the week is, or just chill around campus.

Number 6:

Last but not least, one of the best things to do (but not the most fun lol) is of course to study. If you’re really feeling that study grind after a lecture, head straight on over to the library and try and get as much work done as possible. There are heaps of super cool study spaces around the city campus and while getting ahead with essays and assignments can be a little boring, it is also a really good idea. Both for your sanity and your g.p.a.

So those are my top 6 things to do around campus in between classes! I honestly don’t know how I did 7 hours a day in high school when I can barely deal with 3/4 hours of classes now. But having something to look forward to after class definitely helps (and stops the sneaky slipping home to crash for a nap that results in you missing the rest of your classes lol). Hope these are helpful!:) xx