The Best (updated) Study Spots in Auckland Central

Why Getting Out of Your Room is Effective

Of course, there’s days where you wake up and it just feels right to stay home and study in bed. A pantry (or a snack stash) at your disposal and a thick duvet, or your own workspace, is hard to beat. That said, there are other moments when you want to seize the day and mix up where you work.

For me, part of handling lockdown was constantly changing the places I studied. When I moved back into halls, I needed that more than ever. There’s something about walking somewhere and committing to get work done there. It’s easier to resist distractions. And when I get back to halls, my rest time feels more like rest.

Setting a good backdrop to get work done can make it more enjoyable too, and let you study for longer without getting a headache induced by fluorescent lighting and low ceilings. Some days, I didn’t feel like going on a walk. But having somewhere to go helped me to structure my days and organize what had to be done. What followed was a gradual exploration of the university’s best study (or reading) spots, and Auckland Central’s best places to get work done.

If you’re looking to catch up on some readings in a nice place, Albert Park is my go-to recommendation. There are countless spots amongst the lawns, benches, under trees, and even a gazebo to curl up or spread out on with a book. If you’re really trying to knock it out, order a packed lunch from your hall and have a little picnic, or go down to the restaurants on Lorne Street (just a 2 minute walk away).

Dumplings from Sumthin Dumpling

Doesn’t even feel like studying 🙂

Bench by St Paul’s Church

If you live at O’Rorke, UniHall Towers, or Waiparuru Hall, 28 Symonds Street will be familiar to you. As long as the weather’s nice, curling up on a bench with a textbook or a sheaf of photocopies will make for a much more enjoyable experience. The bench overlooks one of the city’s highways and the view from it is of a perfectly framed Sky Tower. At any time of day, it’s beautiful.

Actual Study

If you need some heavier machinery (figuratively), the CBD has no shortage of Wi-Fi spots, power plugs, and desks.

Auckland Public Library

Personally, I prefer the Public Library to the Uni Library for its location. Closer to halls, it offers couches, coffee tables and desks, and has enormous windows overlooking the Auckland Art Gallery. There are plenty of staff to help you track down books or help out with any printing emergencies (20c a page for black-and-white), and books are relatively easy to find. Their 9am–8pm closing hours on weekdays, and 10am–6pm closing hours on weekends are a huge benefit, making it easier to fit time for study and get away. Just a stone’s throw from Queen Street, opposite the Art Gallery, and a 5-minute walk from other bookshops like Unity and Jason’s Books, it’s easy to do some sightseeing if you need a break. Their unlimited free wifi and countless study nooks make it at the top of my list.

University of Auckland Library

If you really need to commit, the University of Auckland Library is great for totally undisturbed work. The top floors are silent-only, and you can take the stairs if you want to get your blood pumping before sitting down. Level 4 offers some great views of the Clock Tower, and once again, if you need to get some fresh air, a quick walk around the surrounding grounds can work wonders. Plus, the availability of required texts and textbooks makes it much easier if you’re doing exam revision.

Science Center

The Science Center tends to be a bit noisier, but its couches, power ports, unlimited wifi and table-tennis tables and book swap shelf shouldn’t be overlooked, either. My personal favourite spot are the two couches by the window; they give a great view of the city at any time of day.

Conference Center (401)

The high ceilings, glass walls, and proximity to campus keep this spot on the list as one of the most convenient. I love coming in here in the mornings when the sunlight fills the rooms. Almost smack in the middle of campus, it’s the perfect spot to do some work between classes. There’s a café inside and it’s just across the street from the old Rec Center and Mojo. There are also tons of larger tables downstairs perfect for study groups, or sofas built into the walls for some independent work.

The science center by morning

That’s it for now! I’ve highlighted the buildings on the Campus Map below if you’re up to scout them out.