Life after high school may seem like a foreign world. If your school life has come to an end, its understandable if you feel a range of emotions, from excitement, to fear, sadness or nostalgia. 13 years at school is a long time and it seems to end very suddenly! I remember I found it hard to believe, and caught myself thinking in shock… wow, is it really over?

Some people are ready for this next stage of life from year 11, while others struggle with the thought that their whole world is about to be flipped upside down- especially those who are weighing up between different universities, degrees and accomodation. These decisions may be the biggest ones you’ve ever had to make, so it can be a stressful time.

The concept of change can be scary, and the anticipation that university life brings may be tinged with fear. However, change can also be rewarding and bring you moments that are so much more than you ever imagined.


Firstly, your world will expand.

University is so much more than the end product that is a degree. You will find that in your day, there is variety and spice – quite the contrary to putting on the same uniform and being at school from 8am-3pm five days a week!

At university, you can go where you want and when you want! Apart from attending classes, your new-found freedom could include meeting a friend for mid-morning coffee, filling the 3 hour gap in your day with a workout, finding your own secret study spot within the huge campus, or meeting a range of people studying different things from all over the country in clubs

Ultimately, every day is unique and is an opportunity to explore your new life. How you choose to fill it is completely up to you (apart from attending your classes, labs and tests of course – those take priority!)

With independence come expectations

Your independence certainly allows your world to expand, however it also means you have more responsibilities and expectations compared to high school.

You need to make sure that you can

  • Manage your own time
  • Keep up to date with lectures and assignments without being reminded
  • Proactively seek help without the teacher coming to you

Even though you now have full responsibility of your learning, this doesn’t mean you are left to fend for yourself! On the online learning system CANVAS, your lecturers will keep you up to speed with announcements, help sessions and important dates so you are able to stay ahead of the game and reach your goals.

Being able to go to university is a wonderful experience and I am very grateful I am able to attend. Back in 2019, I thought the shift from high school to university would be difficult and hard to adjust to. Looking back, I realise that I didn’t need to be so worried. Despite being stressful at times, the past two years of my life have been the most exciting and interesting so far. I love how my life has expanded and how I have become more knowledgeable not only in my field of study, but also in the world around me. I am so excited for this to continue throughout my third year and beyond.

I sincerely hope you feel the same way when you embark on your next adventure as you begin university.  Until then, have a fantastic, long and restful holiday!