If you’re new to Auckland, I’m sure you’ll be wondering what the city has to offer and how to find the events. I was born and raised in the super city and I love looking at what the city has to offer. Auckland was recently declared as the most important city to visit in 2022 by Lonely Planet, so surely there must be some really good things to do while you’re here. Auckland Unlimited’s CEO Nick Hill said “Auckland has a proud cultural history,” so we are not afraid to have arts and cultural events around the city full of music and entertainment. Have a look at Auckland Unlimited through their website to find out what Auckland has to offer from sports, art, culture and events. https://aucklandunlimited.com/

We’re students, so yes, we should be hitting the books, pulling all-nighters and crying over our assignments, but sometimes it’s nice to have some fun. Everyone needs a bit of fun while we’re studying, but sometimes it’s hard to find fun in a city you don’t know. Even if you’ve lived here your whole life, you might want to find something new, but that can be hard too. Here are the resources I use to find events and places to go around Auckland.

Heart of the City:

Heart of the City focuses on the CBD which is where the main campus of the university is, so why not have a look here? It supports local businesses in the restaurant industry, entertainment, nightlife and shopping. So it’s fair to say, Heart of the City has something for everyone, if you love food, clubbing, entertainment, Heart of the City is your go-to adviser. Maybe the perfect way to support local businesses, try new things (especially if you already live here) and find somewhere you’re comfortable going to (if you’re new to Auckland).

Heart of the City website: https://heartofthecity.co.nz/

Auckland Live:

Auckland Live runs the iconic theatres of Auckland such as the Civic, Aotea Centre and the Town Hall, hosting a variety of events such as musicals, operas, festivals, and even dance parties. Dance parties are thrown on Queens Wharf in Shed 10 and the Cloud, musicals which lift the mood pack in throughout the year, exhibitions which might actually support what you’re studying, there’s always something big to look forward to. 

Auckland Live website: https://www.aucklandlive.co.nz/

Auckland Arts Festival:

Hosted throughout the CBD at the beginning of the year, the Auckland Arts Festival is the perfect time to see some of the talented artists we have here in Aotearoa. I know, we’re students, we can’t afford going out to see things regularly, but this festival is perfect for students. There’s a variety of free events, events which won’t break the bank, alongside the bigger events we save money for. The festival ranges with concerts, art presentations, world premiers, talks on racism, and gender along with comedy performances, which means there really is something unique and perfect for everyone, you just need to find the right event which clicks with you.

Auckland Arts Festival website: https://www.aaf.co.nz/

Auckland Arts Festival (AAF) 2022 Season Trailer

New Zealand Fashion Week:

Typically hosted in August, New Zealand Fashion Week is the perfect time for you to update your fashion choices. This is the perfect time to see different cultural fabrics and patterns to be reused into a modern fashion piece, it’s a time of fascination and learning of new lifestyles and cultures. The last couple of years have caused disruptions due to COVID-19 and the 2021 show was postponed to February 7-13 and there won’t be the usual August performance, so this will be the last show until 2023. Get down to the Aotea Square and watch those models walk graciously down the catwalk and take notes.

New Zealand Fashion Week website: https://nzfashionweek.com/

The PumpHouse Theatre:

If you’re more into a theatre that feels more intimate, then the PumpHouse Theatre is the place for you. Located in Takapuna on Auckland’s North Shore (easy access using public transport), this adorable theatre can seat up to 192 people, there’s even an amphitheatre (outdoor theatre) which can seat up to 192 people. If you like even more intimate venues, then there’s the Coal Bunker Studio which is just behind the stage of the main theatre which can seat up to 50 people. As someone who has performed in all three of these venues, I can confirm, they’re all super magical to be in. The theatre features a variety of events from Shakespeare in the Park (January to February every year), community theatre productions, high school productions, dance showcases, concerts, film screenings and children’s theatre. Check their website throughout the year to find out what they have to offer.

The PumpHouse Theatre website: https://pumphouse.co.nz/


So there you have it! If you’re new to Auckland or even if you’re already living here and want to get to know the area and find something new to do, there’s always something special and big coming to Auckland. The fun is already here, it’s waiting for you to come. Everyone needs a break while they’re studying, so get out there and have some fun while you’re in the super city. The performing arts industry has been hit really hard in this pandemic, so go out and congratulate their teams for pushing through by cheering them on. Restaurants and hospitality have been closed for so long, so go in and try everything on their menu.