Whether you are starting summer school or Semester One awaits next February, a return to Auckland brings in the universal student experience (unless you have been studying offshore) – moving into a new place. I remember before moving into halls I received a list of items to bring (the basics) and skimming some YouTube videos on what to take with me. At the time, I took plenty of things I didn’t end up using at all, and ended up buying everything as I realized I needed it. But with Boxing Day sales coming up, it might be worth stocking up on a few things. I’ve made a list of the items I used most in my flat, and then again as a student.


  • A basket to take your shampoo and shower essentials from your room and to the shared bathrooms.
  • Jandals/slippers/indoor shoes
  • Cloths

(you would be surprised at how much dust can settle on your desk throughout the year)

  • Coat-hangers.

I didn’t think of this until I got there. The hall bedrooms have large wardrobes, where you can hang clothes and also keep them in shelves.

  • Many, many socks.

Maybe it’s just me but people lose an uncanny amount of socks in halls.

  • Warm, comfortable clothes.
  • Batteries. (they run out at the most inconvenient of times).
  • Penholders (for your desk).


  • Blu-Tack, a stapler, paperclips, scissors, clearfile and binders (for any important documents you acquire throughout the year you might want to keep separate), highlighters, pencils, refill, an eraser.
  • Some people take a tiny printer, for last-minute emergencies.

Fun Things to Spice Up Your Room

  • A photo wall. Most people have these, but they are so reassuring when you move in and everything is new. Remembering all the people who care about you and putting up quotes and positive messages for yourself helps. Think of it as a pat on the back from your past self to your future self.
  • A hat stand.

This sounds silly but it comes very handy for girls especially, for all the backpacks, purses, computer cases, and handbags you might use. You can get it at K-Mart for around $30.

  • LED lights.

Some people pin them to the cork boards over their beds or desks, or drape them where they can. They add a surprising amount of cheer to your room at night.


  • Power bank (this can really come in handy if you’re out and your phone dies).

You can get it from The Warehouse here:


  • An extension cord or two (sometimes the chargers are very inconveniently placed).
  • A lamp (though the hall rooms have built-in lighting over the desk, usually).


  • If you will live in halls, you will probably get hungry between meals. You can get these once you’re there, obviously, but if you don’t live far from Auckland it’s nice to have everything packed before going. So bring snacks!
  • Ziplock bags (they always come in handy when you least expect them to)
  • A reusable coffee cup
  • Tupperware (after a certain time at halls, you can get as many helpings of the meal as you like. Some people pack leftovers for their snacks in between, or even just their leftover dinner so they don’t waste food)
  • A mug, bowl, plate, and cutlery (for food outside meal-times)

A sick-pack

I can’t stress how useful this was at the time. When you’re sick at uni, the last thing you want to do is walk to Countdown and run errands. If other people are unwell, they will also appreciate your store of Panadol.

Here is what I packed in mine:

  • Panadol
  • Allergy tablets
  • Band-aids
  • Honey
  • A first-aid kit

I hope you find these useful! 😊