So you’re an expressive and interesting writer?

Want to get paid to produce awesome content while you study?

Yeah… We thought so…

For the last decade The Inside Word has been hosting blogs and vlogs in which current students share ‘the inside word’ on the University of Auckland.

The Inside Word has gone from strength to strength. It’s now visited by thousands of readers a month who want to see, and hear, what life is like here. Initially our bloggers were all first years. We thought we’d like to take that journey further. So recently we’ve widened the field to include second and third year bloggers as well. We’re looking for students from a range of different backgrounds and faculties.

So are YOU keen to join the team?

Perhaps just a few more details…

The Inside Word for 2022 will continue to be its thrilling self: a hub for student generated content that will be seen and responded to by all sorts of readers. They might be school students thinking about coming to study at Auckland, or perhaps inquisitive types who are already here and wanting to know what other students are up to. Maybe the posts will be read by staff here –  we sometimes get requests to share our blogs on other University webpages. School-based careers advisers and parents also stop by. Our blogs have pretty wide interest value.

But the content won’t generate itself!

We need a dedicated team of bloggers who are keen to convert their name to fame as an Inside Word blogger.

You’ll work with a crew from the University’s central marketing team, be paid for the content you produce – and get to share your world with both future and current students.

Now you’re probably wondering what kind of people we’re looking for…

If you have the skill and passion to turn your experiences into lively web content then this is the gig for you.

Do you know how to take a good photo? Fancy yourself as a bit of a foodie? You’re an expert on studying? Always wanted to inspire others? Know how to use iMovie? Write a mean essay?

We are looking for creative, abstract, interesting and passionate people to join The Inside Word team. You need to be hard working and be able to meet deadlines. You will be asked to produce content regularly so you need to be consistent. Not the kind of person to start something but then not fini…

It doesn’t matter what you’re studying. People will want to hear about it.

Really? You want to apply? Here’s how…

Head to the link below and submit a piece of demo content.

Write a blog, record a vlog, send in your podcast, show us some snaps. If it’s creative, interesting and informative, then send away!

For some inspiration, have a read through some of the previous blogs from 2020 and ‘21. Check out the videos and have a look at the University of Auckland Instagram as well. This is the kind of content we are wanting to see.