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Well, here we go, team. Last one! Into the lions’ den!

What a year it has been. I feel like I don’t even recognise that girl, fourth from the left and doing a major lean because she’s a giant. (I’m still proud of her toga, though. Like, ya gotta admit it’s simultaneously fashion forward, a nod to the traditional, and most importantly, structurally sound.) Shout out to the university for using that picture for all of its promo, so I get screenshots and Snapchats sent to me all the time going, “Tate! It’s us!”.

The past two semesters have been… massive. Full of highs, and lows – though way more highs than lows – and the year still doesn’t quite feel like it’s come to an end. That’s probably because I’ve still got an exam to sit the day after writing this, which kind of undermines the poetry of all the endings going on, but – hey – it’s 285, Classical Tragedy, so at least I’m going at once out with a bang and back to my roots.

I’m inclined to say I’ve learned a lot of lessons this year, though I think they might be more affirmations of previously-learned lessons than revelations of new ones. I’ve learned that you’ve got to be the person who makes things happen for yourself. You’ve got to put in the hours and the effort, or you can’t expect anything in return. More positively, though, I’ve learned that good things come knocking when you’re grinding away at your goals. I’ve learned that while you may feel as though you’ll never get your Four Weddings and a Funeral squad (and in this dynamic I demand to be Kristin Scott Thomas), a bunch of people will soon work their way into your heart and you’ll appreciate every moment you spend with them. Some people didn’t get as lucky with their floors as I did, but you’re bound to find your people in another way. I’ve also learned that you owe it to yourself to be authentic – to make your stupid jokes and love your niche things. Not only will you feel content within yourself but people will appreciate you for it. Life’s too short to not live it the way you enjoy, if only on a small scale.

Those of you coming into first year are in for a treat. It’ll feel like a hard slog, and at times your nihilism will kick in and you’ll be like why am I here why am I trying none of this matters we are meat slabs in an infinite universe, but try to let that fuel you into giving things your best shot and not worrying about the results. You’ll walk out of your last exam a completely different person than you were when you walked into your first lecture. (I say that as someone who hasn’t sat their last exam, but it still counts. C’mon.) Make the most of this unique time in your life, and allow it to mould you personally and professionally. Plus, it’s just really, really exciting.

I’ve loved creating content for The Inside Word this year, and if you’ve ever got any further questions about uni or life or anything further down the track, don’t hesitate to get in touch with me (cheeky follow on the ‘gram? Twitter? One of my pet peeves is self promo outliving its purpose, e.g. me after the blog’s done, but hey, I’ve got a poetry book on the way? So there’s that?).

I guess I’ll see ya when I see ya – if I see you at all.

Until then, all the best!

Tate x

P.S. People will spend the first fortnight of university telling you you’ll meet the person you’re gonna marry. Resultantly, you may fall half in like and in love with a bunch of people who are better off just being your friends. Don’t curate your affections for people based on a list of maybes. Don’t force them into fitting some kind of criteria. If you’re going to fall in love with anyone in your first year, I’d encourage you to have it be yourself.